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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2006, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 2,490

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I can't find a downloadable DU app in App Store

I used to have a DU icon I could click on my iPhone, but now I have to go to Google and find DU. Help, please.

Why can't I stay logged in?

I didn't use to have to log in every time I went into DU. Now--even though I always click "keep me logged in"--I have to log in again even if I've just been away for an hour. What's up with that?

Kansas once again has a Democratic woman governor

Congratulations Laura Kelly! Congratulations Kansans! The long Brownback/Kobach nightmare is over!

I just posted this rant on Facebook

(I may get blocked or unfriended by some repub relatives, but fuck 'em.)

I'm sorry, but this is NOT "the greatest country in the world." It's not even close. It is controlled by an electoral minority in red states with anti-democratic values, like abolishing: the separation of church and state, the safety nets that keep poor people from starving to death, health care assistance that keep poor people alive, reproductive services that allow women autonomy over their own bodies, and environmental regulations that keep our planet liveable. To name a few. The majority of Americans want all these freedoms and systems to be strengthened, or at least, left alone, but our voices and votes don't count.

Whatever right wingers want they get, and fuck anyone who doesn't agree. I fear for this country, and I'm ashamed of how backward and ignorant it is. Greatest country in the world? Bullshit. People in many other countries would beg to differ.

If this offends any of my republican relatives, I'm sorry. You have been seriously misled by the oligarchs in power and the propaganda machine that allows them to lie, and cheat, and steal to get and keep power. I am so angry about this most recent travesty. Putting someone like Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court is a slap in the face to millions of women, and basically tells the majority of people in this country that what we want doesn't matter.

Trump and his minions are not making America great. They are destroying the America we knew and turning it into America, Inc. Thanks, Trump voters. Thanks for nothing.

We need another WH whistleblower

This is what needs to happen to Trump. Surely there is one person in the WH who is brave enough to record him ranting about the stupidity of his base. Maybe hearing what he really thinks of them would make these people realize what a fraud he is and that they were duped. Maybe. Melania? Here's your chance to be a hero. You hate him anyway.

I know this isn't important

But why do people pronounce "imporTant" by saying "imporDant" or even worse "impor_unt"? Drives me crazy.

How can I search for a post?

I can't figure out how to do it.

According to Melania

"...when you attack him he will punch back 10 times harder." Could it be that Melania is the richest battered woman in the world?

I am not defending her at all. It just hit me (so to speak) that maybe she's not just talking about what she's seen him do to others who dared cross him, but about what he's done, and probably continues to do, to her.

Did he just shove past everyone

To be in the front of the picture? Just saw it on CNN; wish I had video....

I can't believe I often agree with Bill Kristol these days

Remember what a lying, smarmy Bush apologist he was?

Even he can see that Trump is a phony pos who has no business being president.
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