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Bjorn Against

Bjorn Against's Journal
Bjorn Against's Journal
August 30, 2013

The Pentagon is totally out of control and it is time that something is finally done to rein it in

It does not matter who the President is, the Pentagon is totally out of control and has been out of control for decades. Every few years we get sucked into another one of their misadventures, thousands of people die, billions of dollars of treasury are depleted, and millions of families are broken.

And what do we get for it? A global community that thinks we are nuts? More jobs in the funeral industry? Crumbling infrastructure and cuts to our most vulnerable citizens? War profiteers like Halliburton and Lockheed Martin getting billions of our tax dollars funneled to their corporate suites?

Many will try to make this about Presidential politics, but this is not about the Presidency this is about a war economy that has spiraled out of control. Some will try to say that Obama is just like Bush and others will say that such a suggestion is totally absurd, but the reality is that both of those opinions hold a lot of truth despite seeming contradictory. As a person and as a leader Obama is far different than Bush, but the elephant in the room is the massive thing that they do have in common, they both worked or are working under the same exact system of government. You can sit and debate the personal failings of individual Presidents all you want, but when we focus on the individual failings we miss the much bigger picture. We need to realize that this is not about any individual President, this is about a Pentagon that has grown way too powerful and needs to reined in.

We invest hundreds of billions of dollars every year in propping up an organization that is directly responsible for millions of deaths, that is not hyperbole that is a fact that can not be disputed.

Do you think any President is going to be able to stand up to a Pentagon that has built itself to nearly invincible status with the trillions of dollars it has received over the years? No single person can stand up to a multi-trillion dollar institution even if they are the President, the Pentagon is arguably the single most powerful institution in the entire world and it is bigger than any President. The powers that be want us focusing on the President because they know damn well that no single person can take them down, if they can distract us by making us fight over that single person however then they can continue to operate in the background knowing that no matter who gets elected they will not be seriously challenged.

We could elect the most morally pure person in all of human history to be President and that President would still have to work under the system that was established long before they took office, when that system has become totally corrupt then even the most morally pure person will not be able to resist it because it is so much larger than any single human being.

If we really want to change the system we can not rely on the President, the people need to rise up and speak out collectively to say that we no longer support our money going to prop up this corrupt system. It will take grass roots activism, it will take protests, and it will take time, but we need to stand up and say that elections are not bringing about the change that is needed and we need citizen activism that will not merely replace faces but also bring about real and lasting change in the political system.

I have seen too many wars in my still young life, the system that has brought us all this death and destruction needs to finally be reined in.

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