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Bjorn Against

Bjorn Against's Journal
Bjorn Against's Journal
August 20, 2015

Bernie has the best group of supporters a candidate could ever ask for

When Bernie Sanders first entered this race few thought he would ever be more than a blip on the radar, yet because of the enormous grassroots support that Sanders has received he has become a far more serious contender than I think nearly anyone anticipated.

This can be credited to Bernie's supporters because make no mistake about it there is no candidate in this race that has a better group of supporters than Bernie does. No other candidate has 100,000 people who will show up at house parties for them, no other candidate can get thousands or even tens of thousands of supporters to pack arenas for them wherever they travel, no other candidate is able to get as many supporters to pitch in small donations to their campaign, no other candidate has as many volunteers, the supporters of Bernie Sanders are objectively the most active and committed group of supporters of any candidate in either the Republican or Democratic races.

While we have heard many try to make broadbrush smears against Bernie supporters recently the reality is that those smears do not accurately represent the vast majority of Bernie supporters.

Now I have no doubt that people are going to post links to some awful things that Bernie supporters have said, but the reality is that random people on the internet do not speak for all Bernie supporters. I could certainly post links to awful things said by Clinton supporters as well, but to do so would be a waste of time because we all know that every candidate has supporters who say stupid things on the internet sometimes.

The way to judge a candidate's supporters is not to look for the very worst things said on the internet, the tens of thousands of people cheering at a Bernie rally represent the campaign much better than the one anonymous poster who made a dumb comment on the internet does.

Let's be honest here, all of the other campaigns only wish they had a group of supporters as committed as Bernie does. Does anyone honestly believe that the Hillary campaign would not do everything they possibly could to recruit Bernie supporters to her campaign if she were to win the nomination? Of course they would and very few of the people complaining about how "awful" Bernie supporters are would have a problem with it because I think most of them even know that those supporters would be a huge asset to their campaign.

While I think most of the complaints about Bernie supporters are coming from random internet posters tied up in primary politics, there is one group that really does have legitimate reason to fear Bernie supporters. The 1% should be very afraid of Bernie supporters because they are proving that ordinary people can pose a real challenge to the wealthy interests. They are proving that the 99% can have political influence and they can push forward a movement to take power away from the wealthy and put that power in the hands of the people.

The 1% has good reason to despise Bernie supporters, the rest of us should admire the amazing work that Bernie supporters are doing to get out the vote and organize for real change.

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