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Bjorn Against

Bjorn Against's Journal
Bjorn Against's Journal
March 11, 2016

I am proud to be one of Bernie's Bros and I condemn the smear campaign against Bernie supporters

I am one of those BernieBros you have been hearing about, except the things you have heard about me are not exactly true.

As a BernieBro I condemn racism and misogyny and as an activist I have been passionate about equal rights for years. I was with Black Lives Matter on the day the Mall of America was shut down. I went door to door in deep red South Dakota to get out the vote against an extreme anti-abortion resolution that was on the ballot and had an anti-choice zealot threaten to shoot me, I have been on the front-lines in the battle for equality for all.

On the other hand the Hillary campaign has been working with David Brock to launch broadbrush smears against Bernie supporters like myself. Brock has a history as an actual racist and misogynist who wrote a book which lied about Anita Hill and called her a "slut".

The Clinton campaign has decided to use an actual racist and misogynist to accuse Bernie supporters of being racists and misogynists, but anyone who looks at Brock's record knows he is projecting his bigotry on to others.

The Clinton campaign has decided to smear us Bernie supporters with the term "BernieBros", but instead of running away from the name calling I am going to embrace it.

Bernie Sanders is a man that I have enormous respect for and if I can be considered to be his bro, then hell yes I am going to be his bro.

I stand with my fellow BernieBros as well as my BernieSisters to work for a better America. I stand with them to work for a country where everyone is treated equally, where everyone has access to health care and education, a country where anyone can earn a living wage, and a country in which slime merchants like David Brock are not able to use Super Pacs to smear their political opponents.

My fellow Bernie supporters you are my bros and my sisters and I am not going to put up with a racist smear merchant like David Brock planting stories in the media to attack you.

If the Clinton campaign wants to continue to smear us as "BernieBros" then I am going to loudly state that I am proud to be a BernieBro and I am not going to allow them to lie about what that means.

March 2, 2016

Tonight I witnessed a shameful display of voter supression in Minnesota.

I just got back from witnessing the worst voter suppression I have ever seen. The Minnesota caucus I attended was an absolutely shameful embarrassment and some senior members of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party should resign over this mess.

In 2008 the caucus site was already overcrowded, but this year they had the brilliant idea of eliminating our overcrowded caucus site and combining it with another caucus site.

It was absolute chaos and I can guarantee a lot of potential voters turned away when they saw the traffic jam.

We had to park blocks away and walk, thankfully we were able-bodied because a disabled person would have never been able to find a place to park anywhere near the entrance.

When we got inside the halls were so crowded we could barely move. When we got to the sign-in table there was nobody staffing it, just a pile of papers spread across the table for us to hand write our names on.

After we wrote down our names we walked to a person handing out ballots, she asked us whether we signed in but there was no verification. It would have been extremely easy for a person to get multiple ballots and there was no one watching the ballot box which was a trash can.

Yes, you read that correct we voted by throwing our ballots in a TRASH CAN.

Nobody was guarding the trash can, we just threw our ballots in there and hoped they were not tampered with.

Apparently Republicans are not the only party engaged in voter suppression tactics, tonight the leadership of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party of Minnesota created a chaotic environment that no doubt kept many people from voting.

Some people should resign over this shameful act of voter suppression, I have never been more angry at my state party.

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