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Larry Ogg

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Member since: Sat May 27, 2006, 11:54 AM
Number of posts: 1,474

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And what about John Wayne Gacy the killer clown who murdered 33 young men and boys...

Except for that one little flaw in his character he was model citizen.

Prior to his arrest, however, John Wayne Gacy was known as a beloved children’s party entertainer, respected businessman, three-time Jaycee Man of the Year, and Democratic Party precinct captain. It was in this latter capacity that he finagled a meeting with First Lady Rosalynn Carter on May 6, 1978.


My sentiments exactly...

I also believe Obama's leaning to the left on social issues is is nothing more than a facade. A beware of wolves in sheep's clothing / puppet show kind of facade.

But when it gets down to it, his coddling and protecting insanely rich criminals has hurt, and continues to hurt a lot more people than gay rights will ever help, but then what are we to expect from the son of a banker, and the grandson of a banker, and the best friend of banksters all over the world.

And yes gay, women, immigrant rights etc., are all important issues, but they pale in comparison to the problems the above the law criminal elites are causing with Obama's full support and blessing.

Why don't you just completely close your eyes and ears...

to any source of information that isn't the parroting of western puppet propaganda.

Because discerning minds would hate for you to wake up some day and discover that there is actually a more truthful side of the story than the one you have grown accustom to listening too.

They first have to chain small countries down with debts and interest that can never be repaid...

Of course, all debts that can never be repaid require collateral in case of default, and collateral is always the countries resources.

Then comes the austerity programs which means, when the country can not repay the debt, which was the plan all along, i.e. default by design. So now the resources can begin to hemorrhage out of the country, just as planed, and sold on the capitalist free market, and a fraction of the fortune that is made, will be applied as payments on the growing debt that will never be paid off.

Of course, the majority of the profits will be deposited directly into the IMF, i.e. the Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sacks, the insanely rich etc. And the families who live in these countries, well they can just go fuck themselves, because the worlds financial criminals have a really great plan for us all, which is more austerity.

So now we can all sit around clapping our hands and praising Obama, (the son, the grandson, and a good friend of banksters everywhere), for helping to spread the best pretend democracy money can buy.

Thanks for posting this time line video of the Ukraine Crisis...

I have seen much of this information when it was originally coming out, good to see it all pieced together like this, it should make for a good presentation for people who are willing to look at more than one side of the story.

If this Ukraine nightmare was taking place under Gorge Bush DU would be ablaze with this information. Unfortunately, when Obama took over where Bush left off, there was no interruption in a US foreign policy of stirring up hornets nest by supporting blood cults of right wing extremist around the globe; no surprise there.

Well if you must know, I think too much...

And I think your avoiding a premise that might cause you to suffer a little cognitive dissidence. Can't have that can we?

I also think you said what you wanted to say. So I guess that makes you clever!

Did you ever stop think that maybe Obama and other high ranking corporately owned democrats...

let all the made in America war criminals go because of their philosophical and psychological similarities?

Yes, they are going to run again...

And they will keep on running and winning until they are held accountable.

Of course, they, the criminals in both parties, know they will never be held accountable because of the substantially large right wing authoritarian idol worshiping base in both political parties, that equally vote against their own best interest.

In other words, fuck the Koch's, if your voting for a corporate con-artist that works for the CFR while hiding behind the social facades of democratic and republican ideologies, then the joke is on you, and you have been reduced to fighting over whether it's better to be hung with a blue rope or a red rope.

And if you think liberals are clueless as to what is going on, and need to wake up, guess what, the joke is on you again.

But enough of that! When it becomes obvious to you, like when it's way too late, that the government has totally morphed from a two party crooks and con-artist pretend democracy puppet show, to some far worse right wing extremist evil, and you want to know who the guilty is, just go take a close look into the mirror.

Psychopathy is not considered as being a mental illness.

And they ran / run things because money in government has trumped accountability.

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