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Member since: Sun Jul 9, 2006, 03:21 PM
Number of posts: 2,217

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Preparations for vote rigging in NC?

The Republican Party of NC has sent out mail with instructions to request an "absentee ballot" to voters, and encouraging we vote Republican. NC is a state that requires no excuse for an absentee ballot. I also understand the company that manufactures the voting machines has ties to the Repukes, so the software could be suspect. Think of the possibilities, especially as this state could be very close in the final tally. If only some counties have "defective" totals, the absentee count could be a decider. I could be wrong and maybe all the machines have a built in test to see if they are giving an accurate return. But I haven't seen any info on that. And it come to mind that there were prosecutions, at least in Md & Ohio, for voter manipulation. So do I think the Repukes are crooks? Yes! I sent out for two absentee ballots for the wife & I this morning.

On MSNBC talk show in pm, Romney has 105 million in an IRA! Is it possible?

I thought there were limits on amounts deposited annually. Seems illegal if true.

Remember when Sarkozy was elected in France? Photos all over the media! Now that Hollande &

the Socialist have been elected, there's hardly a peep in the American media. Hmmm, looks like limits to the racketeering, like CEOs not being able to get what they want and a more fair tax system. Something we need but don't have a smart enough population to achieve?

To the Ends of the Earth-3 eps- good sea story

I always enjoy a good, going-to-sea, story, and this was really good. About the very long voyage from the UK to Australia, probably late 1700s to early 1800s. I know the trips to the US were pretty tough, but going to Australia back then was something else, and survival was always of concern.

What new varieties of vegetables will you grow this season?

Usually, every year I try 'new' varieties in my garden, and if they are good, then they become a regular item. This season, (2012) I'll be trying a squash called "Green Kabocha", per my wife's request. She records a lot of cooking shows, and these chefs mention what does well in their recipes. I'm also going to try "Blue Lake" bush beans, in addition to the "Maxibel" variety I already grow. Lastly, I'm thinking of these purple sweet potatoes, in addition to the Beauregards, which I grow regularly. If anyone has already tried these varieties, I would be interested in your opinions, and of course any other varieties you might want to discuss here.

Are we really leaving Iraq?

I know all the news is about how the troops will be out of Iraq soon, or are out already. But somewhere I saw a quick brief on the 'Green Zone", and it was mentioned about large amounts of contractors residing or reporting there, which says we're paying the bill. I wondered if anybody knows the story about these contractors, who, I'm sure, are mostly mercenaries. As usual with OUR government, no transparency, and always deception!
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