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Member since: Sun Jul 9, 2006, 03:21 PM
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What new varieties of vegetables will you grow this season?

Usually, every year I try 'new' varieties in my garden, and if they are good, then they become a regular item. This season, (2012) I'll be trying a squash called "Green Kabocha", per my wife's request. She records a lot of cooking shows, and these chefs mention what does well in their recipes. I'm also going to try "Blue Lake" bush beans, in addition to the "Maxibel" variety I already grow. Lastly, I'm thinking of these purple sweet potatoes, in addition to the Beauregards, which I grow regularly. If anyone has already tried these varieties, I would be interested in your opinions, and of course any other varieties you might want to discuss here.

Are we really leaving Iraq?

I know all the news is about how the troops will be out of Iraq soon, or are out already. But somewhere I saw a quick brief on the 'Green Zone", and it was mentioned about large amounts of contractors residing or reporting there, which says we're paying the bill. I wondered if anybody knows the story about these contractors, who, I'm sure, are mostly mercenaries. As usual with OUR government, no transparency, and always deception!
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