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Profile Information

Name: Carla Mummer
Gender: Female
Hometown: South Jersey
Home country: USA
Current location: Outside Las Vegas
Member since: Tue Aug 8, 2006, 01:01 AM
Number of posts: 2,763

Journal Archives

My letter to Dean Heller.

Seriously? You're on board with the newest "I hated everything Obama did or stood for, so I'm going to overturn everything he did, no matter how much it hurts my constituency" bill? You are really prepared to vote for the worst of the "health care" bills offered so far? You really have NO problem taking insurance away from 10's of millions of people? You really have NO problem with taking insurance away from people with pre-existing conditions, putting caps on care, having insurance premiums go up 100's of percent on seniors? You have NO problem with going against your "word" (fat lot of good that is)to protect Planned Parenthood? You're really prepared to throw the most vulnerable of us to the wolves, better known as the insurance industry. And please spare me the Paul Ryan platitudes about "freedom" and "state's rights". You are aware that our governor wants no part of this, right? And the freedom to either go broke due to medical bills or insurance premium payments is not freedom, sir. It's servitude of the worst kind. Do you just not give a damn about the people you are supposed to be serving? So far, you've given us an idiot in charge of the educational system, a thief in charge of the treasury, a man who is completely ignorant as to diplomacy in charge of the State department, a racist in charge of law, a polluter in charge of the EPA, and are fully supporting a fascist/white supremacist in the White House. Nice job, dude. You sure are looking out for us. I nominate you for the Paul Ryan/Mitch McConnell "Biggest Hypocrites in Office" club. No doubt you'll get in.

This damn bill is worse than Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction...it just won't die. Let's make the damn Rethugs eat it again. Write your Senator.
Posted by WinstonSmith4740 | Wed Sep 20, 2017, 06:05 PM (3 replies)
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