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Profile Information

Name: Carla Mummer
Gender: Female
Hometown: South Jersey
Home country: USA
Current location: Outside Las Vegas
Member since: Tue Aug 8, 2006, 01:01 AM
Number of posts: 2,757

Journal Archives

Hi everyone...need some help here.

I've never posted to this group before, but I hope you guys can guide me in the right direction.

My niece is having serious problems with her 16 year old daughter...details are irrelevant, but it starts with her being a flat out pathological liar and proceeds from there. She's been in therapy for a few years, and nothing seems to be helping. Even though her parents have taken her electronic devices and only let her use them under supervision for school work, she still manages to get on social media and spread some of the most egregious stories imaginable. CPS actually visited the house and opened a case because she made all her friends and their parents believe she was living in a hell hole.

Anyhow, all the adults in the room have come to the realization that the "regular" paths aren't working...she needs to go into a program for troubled kids, and this is where you guys come in.

I worry about these "conversion camps" masquerading as something that can help your kid, but screw them up worse. Does anyone here have any recommendations, or know someone you trust who can? I've been looking on the web, but again, they can say whatever they want, but who knows how they operate? They live on the east coast, but I don't think location would be an issue.

Thanks so much in advance for any advice or information you may be able to offer.
Posted by WinstonSmith4740 | Thu Jul 4, 2019, 12:07 PM (8 replies)
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