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Gender: Female
Current location: Providence, RI
Member since: Tue Aug 8, 2006, 03:25 PM
Number of posts: 28,581

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I was thinking, and getting pissed, at work tonight

There I am, the only cashier at a major pharmacy, having to face the entire store, put away returns, take care of the trash and vacuum the whole fucking place with an old piece of crap vacuum while lugging around extension cords. All this while taking care of the customers. I get paid minimum wage and can never work full time, no one there but managers and pharmacists work full time so they dont have to pay for health insurance.

All I could think of was "WTF, the CEO makes millions in bonuses solely because he is rich and needs to get RICHER and they can't get the fucking store a cordless vacuum that WORKS right or hire on a second cashier so I am not killing myself to get everything done"

It's frustrating and I am beginning to feel like a french peasant before the revolution......GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Two part time jobs, living the American dream, thanks alot richie rich and all your fucking buddies.
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