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Member since: Fri Aug 18, 2006, 07:03 PM
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Bleat the Press: Chuck Todd interview with Chris Christie

Source: Meet the Press: September 13, 2015

"Nothing has been proven yet."

Read more: Link to source

How does such an angry person get so much attention on the national stage? He sounds like the reverse mortgage Nixon,

More studies is not what I said...

Further research. This is the hallmark of good research. Knowing that we don't know every facet on a given subject, as opposed to case closed, go home nothing left to discuss...

The benefits you point out are obvious to anyone not irrevocably committed to spouting dogma provided by their handlers. As you point out so well, the knowledge of how much better life can be has been around for a long time. If aspirin were introduced today it would be banned because it might interfere with big pharma profit margins despite its safety record, health benefits, yada yada...

Further research adds to the knowledge of the benefits and dangers involved in everything we as humans are trying to understand. The more we know, the less power fools have over those who are willing to learn and grow...

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