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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 09:23 PM
Number of posts: 3,759

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Comb your hair and stand up straight!

Remember when your mother gave you her advise about the importance of first impressions….you know, why you should comb your hair, wear clean clothes, stand up and smile when you are introduced etc?

In my work on local issues, I’ve learned that people, when learning about a new issue, form their opinions, pro or con rather quickly based on what they first hear. Once those opinions are formed, it is very hard to change them. With luck, given time, you can beat them over the head with talking points and new arguments as time goes on and maybe convert one or two.

As the various Democratic Candidates announce, we see the Republican operatives, and the other candidates’ organizations immediately hit the airwaves and internet to influence that initial impression with some negative thing or another. You know: Unlikable! Too Radical, Staff hates her, Too left wing, Once supported Goldwater, Refuses to call himself a Democrat, Takes money from big pharma, a little overweight!

I hope that at least those on the DU would take a minute or two to reflect on the total character of the various candidates before simply repeating the initial negatives and then waiting for the next one to come along. So far the list of Democratic Candidates has been astonishing in quality. Each has so many more positives than negatives, yet each announcement has been met with some picky little point that is meant to raise doubts about electability or good character.

In the past, the Democrats have jumped on the side of younger candidates with less experience as the lack of track record has diminished their negative baggage. (Carter, Clinton, Obama) It has turned out well in some cases and may be a way of countering the ability of the opposition to make those initial impressions stick.

Just saying.

If Democrats cave on the wall, expect a headline like this in the near future:

Trump shuts government asking for repeal of Obamacare: Says, like Wall, it was his main campaign promise.

God, I hope Nancy can keep her troops in line.

Just want to put the power of the President in perspective.

Constitution gives the power to the Congress to write and pass the laws and override a presidential veto.

Concerning the budget and legislation, the Constitution gives the President power to veto...That's it.

The message needs to go to the GOP in the Senate and House....they are responsible for supporting Trump and Miller's Shutdown.

You can list Trump's lies here: I'll start.

1. Trumped changed the plans from concrete to steel because the Democrats wanted that. Jeesus.

Trump's ability to drive the news needs to be countered. Now.

He'll have the nightly news people with him on Thursday as he visits the border. He'll have his skin head buddies backing him up, literally.

Armed Services or some such congressional committee needs to immediately hold hearings about Border security and the role fencing and walls might play. The hearings need to be open and on TV. Now.

Depending on people to feel bad about people not getting paid and losing their jobs is not going to work. The GOP and Trump do not care about people. Those that might care will be looking to the Democrats to cave in order to get them back to work.

The visuals are key, and a hearing with experts explaining how ridiculous a border wall would be as opposed to more up to date methods could get the conversation back to some grounded reality.

I'm not that optimistic about where this wall fight is heading.

You say you are interested in choosing the best Dem candidate for 2020....

I suggest you keep researching the possibilities and hone up on their bios....

Here's the first of the major contenders to announce...take 30 minutes to see what you think.

VIDEO HAS BEEN BLOCKED OR SOMETHING: You'll need to google this interview to get the address or right click on the pic below to get URL.

This is Rachel Maddow's interview with Elizabeth Warren.

Personally I think she brings some needed persistence to the fight.

Gofundme Trump's Wall vs. money from Nancy:

$18,700,000 vs. $0

Gotta love it.

Help me out here about Senate vote going on now.

This vote is to "proceed to vote on the bill." Is this a vote to close debate and does it need 60 to pass? Apparently not, as they already have 45 no votes...so why wait for the others to vote....

Or is it the bill itself that needs 60 votes?

Or what?


Democrats should immediately impeach Trump upon convining the next congress.

Make the Republican Senators vote yes or no to convict and let them run in 2020 on that vote. The mid terms show supporting Trump is a losing position and the Democrats will regain the Senate and most likely the presidency. Alternatively, start the process closer to the 2020 election...say Christmas of 2019. But do it, just based on Trump's ceaseless lying.

Key to picking the best candidate for President is to realize Trump won't be on the ticket in 2020. A Democratic win won't be assured as a moderate could come to the front of the possible Republican candidates.

Just saying.

Is it true Fox News hasn't Tweeted since Nov. 8th??

Anybody up on this?
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