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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,504

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Lots of differences between House and Senate GOP tax bill.

Senate is stuck with meeting goal of only 1.5 trillion debt increase after 10 years and while the house bill is awful, the insurance mandate repeal will probably be necessary to get it past Senate accounting.

Here's a short article listing the differences they have found so far.


You'll want to have this scorecard at the ready over the next couple of months.

US Presidential line of sucession:

No. Office Current officer
1 Vice President Mike Pence (R)
2 Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan (R)
3 President pro tempore of the Senate Orrin Hatch (R)
4 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (R)
5 Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin (R)
6 Secretary of Defense James Mattis (I)
7 Attorney General Jeff Sessions (R)
8 Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke (R)
9 Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue (R)
10 Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross (R)
11 Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta (R)
12 Secretary of Health and Human Services Eric Hargan (R)[a]
13 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson (R)
– Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao (R)
14 Secretary of Energy Rick Perry (R)
15 Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos (R)
16 Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin (I)
17 Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke (I)[a]

This listing assumes that acting officers whose prior appointment required Senate confirmation are eligible for the line of succession. See Acting officers below.
Not a natural-born citizen (acquired U.S. citizenship by naturalization) and thus ineligible for the Presidency.

Excuse me, I need to go throw up.

Let's talk GOP tax bill and budget process!

I'd like to know exactly how the GOP congress intends to bring their tax break for the rich to completion. When will the bill actually be completely finished and when will the required votes occur? Will it be worked through a committee or will it be like Trumpcare and arranged by 12 old white guys in a backroom somewhere?

I've read that the GOP isn't completely together about tax deduction removals, Standard Deductions, Estate tax so I'm wondering if there is even a remote possibility that this could pass.

It has been reported that a vote was taken last Thursday that moves the budget along that will facilitate the tax plan but I'm feeling uninformed.

Anybody following this who could help a guy out? Point me to sources if you don't want to explain it yourself.

I read the nice report about the Harvard/Yale/Wall Street guy helping Secretary Treasurer, but nothing about where exactly we are on this.

As always, Thanks.

What's up with Google Earth?

I have/had Google Earth on this laptop for several years. It worked fine and I used it regularly to snoop around and measure distances etc. Suddenly, about 3 weeks ago it quit working...would not boot...nothing. Then tried to download it again etc. Nothing working.

I read that Google discontinued the support and program and there were others offering similar programs.

Is there anything to this or is it just my own problem? If I need another program which is best?

Is the Transgender in the Army thing over with already?

Was that just Trump sleeptweeting or what?

Tell the Senate: Torture memo author Steven Bradbury has no place in government


During his time in the Bush administration, Steven Bradbury gave the legal thumbs-up to a harrowing list of torture methods – waterboarding, nudity, striking prisoners, exposure to extreme temperatures, dousing with cold water, sleep deprivation for more than seven days, cramped conditions and using these tactics in combination.2 While the military has a longstanding prohibition on torture, Bradbury concluded its policies didn’t apply to the CIA.3 His decisions were later overturned, and the Department of Justice’s ethics office would later issue a report citing "serious concerns about some of his analysis."4

Trump might think the public won’t notice if he sneaks Bradbury into an agency mostly unrelated to his prior work. But this attempt to rehabilitate Bradbury and allow him back into public service is not acceptable. No one who promotes and defends torture is qualified to work in our government.

In fact, Bradbury's 2008 nomination to serve as the head of the Office of Legal Counsel was blocked by senators because of concerns with his role in torture and surveillance and whether he could be sufficiently independent of the White House.5 The Senate needs to use their confirmation power again to make sure torture promoter Steven Bradbury is never in a position of government power again.

Tell the Senate: Block and resist Trump’s nomination of torture policy architect Steven Bradbury.

Would Trump's plan to punish/kill family members of Terrorists really work?

Now that the FBI will be going after Trump Jr. we will have a chance to see if a strategy like that has any legs.

Will Trump resign to protect his son? Might be it's too late for that.

Might be Trump couldn't care less about his son.

Read this New Yorker article to understand Trumps gutter mind.

David Pecker of the the National Enquirer is Trump's good friend and the two of them are peas in the pod when it comes to appealing to the very base of the American mind.

Here's one quote to give you an idea of the mindset:

" For Pecker, the Tiger Woods story encapsulates the grim ethos of Enquirer readers. "Do they care about Tiger Woods? No, " Pecker said. "Do the play golf? No. But do they want to read about his indescretions? Yes. Do they want to read that someone who is that successful is now failing? Yes. These are people that live their life failing, so they want to read negative things about people who have gone up and then come down."


What should Planned Parenthood do if AHCA passes?

Here's my idea, have at it:

Planned Parenthood should immediately give all their assets to a new corporation named, for example, Family Planning. Family Planning then continues to do all the work Planned Parenthood has been doing and collect all the federal dollars due them as health providers to Medicaid beneficiaries as Planned Parenthood has been doing for years. If the bill singles out Planned Parenthood in particular, avoiding the hex on that group should be pretty easy. If the bill doesn't mention Planned Parenthood in particular, but rather says any group that provides abortions even if not paid for by the federal government (Hyde Amendment) then let the two corporations operate in the same facilities but Family Planning would not provide abortions but rather sub that out to Planned Parenthood.

This, if nothing else, would tie up the courts for years.

Here's some background reading on the battle over Planned Parenthood.


I say play the Corporation game and play it smarter if that's what they want.

Democrats need to ask the question: Why don't people vote?

In the Ga. -6 election yesterday, where 50 million dollars were spent mostly on TV lies, a whopping 46 percent of registered voters turned out in early and election day voting. People were amazed at such a high turn out for a off year election. The election was determined by a 2.8% margin or about 6800 votes. That's 1.3 % of registered voters.

Democrats need to turn away from wasting time and money trying to turn Republicans into Democrats and instead give the missing 54% who stayed home a candidate they find attractive enough to bring them to the polls. Where are the surveys asking the "Did not vote" citizens what they are looking for? Is it because they don't see a candidate they like or because they figure either candidate is OK enough? Maybe they think there is no difference or is it that they think no one can change the way the country is going? Do they like the status quo well enough and are happy to just take whatever the rulers hand out?

I'll wager a Democratic candidate that brings a different more radical message would tap into the missing voters and not loose a single normally Democratic voter. This holds for districts across the country. In the recent 2016 presidential election, a turnout of 10 million more voters could easily have won the election for the Democrats. That is only about 7% of the "Did not vote" count. We're talking registered voters here, not even concerning ourselves with those knocked off voter roles because of Republican efforts with Crosscheck, Voter ID's etc.

Let's support candidates that target the majority of Americans who now don't vote, probably because they feel so hopeless.
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