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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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I'm 73 and my memory may be failing me, but....

I don't ever remember people flying huge flags with a presidential candidate's name on it. Besides the trucks and the boats in Texas, there are boats right here in liberal Massachusetts flying the damn Trump things.

But maybe this isn't new?

When Kyle Rittenhouse was at the Militia training school,

he must have missed the session about how the carrying the guns is just for show. You're not supposed to use them, they are just for intimidation and bluster. Oh and be sure to stand in groups because if 10 angry citizens target you and your "piece", unless you are willing to start gunning down everyone you stand to lose your baby.

Did not anyone tell these people who decided they need to protect the properties by showing up with guns (see St. Louis etc.) that there might be consequences? Do they not see how these killings of unarmed citizens by the police has really got people worked up?

Road rage? Nothing compared to how I'm feeling right now.

California health official resigns. Does anyone remember the young lady who

reported problems with state data collection? Was that in California? Just wondering if it all connected.


Say what you want about "Defunding the Police". A week ago

few people had ever heard of such a concept. Tonight, Judy Woodruff on the NPR Newshour spent half her time talking about it. The New York Times has a link on it's website's front page to two or three articles discussing the issue. Biden is talking about it.

We Americans are on a ladder, growing up and moving on. Gotta love it. The path is bending towards Justice.

A window into Trump's problem with understanding Science.

Our President hasn't even a basic grasp on the concept of "Cause and Effect". Apparently raised, covered with wealth, without having to deal with consequences of what he says or does. Listen to his words. An alien to everything human.


This video suggests a rational method to take on Trump 2020.

To counter his appeal to negative emotions we will need to bring substance and meaningful solutions to the people.


Doctor Charged With Fraud After U.S. Says He Sold Treatment as '100 Percent' Cure for Covid-19

Crazy as it may seem, this Trump inspired business was only a concern to the FBI because of a claim of 100% cure! From the article:

"But the case, Assistant U. S. Attorney Robert Huie said, is about the 100 percent curative claims made about the medication.

“Our case is not about the doctor touting drugs,” Mr. Huie said in a phone interview on Friday. “It’s not about whether drugs are good or bad, it’s about him telling patients, telling would-be customers, in an effort to sell his services, that what he’s offering is a 100 percent cure and it confers temporary immunity.”

The doctor, Jennings Ryan Staley, 44, a licensed physician and the owner of Skinny Beach Med Spa in San Diego, was charged with mail fraud on Thursday for his role in selling “Covid-19 treatment packs” that included the medications hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California said in a statement. Mr. Trump has promoted hydroxychloroquine as a “what have you got to lose” remedy.

The treatment packs were billed as a “concierge medicine experience,” and retailed “at $3,995 for a family of four, that included among other things access to Dr. Staley,” the two medications, and “anti-anxiety treatments to help you avoid panic if needed and help you sleep,” prosecutors said.

Skinny Beach Med Spa, which offered a range of beauty-related services such as Botox, hair removal, and fat transfer, started advertising the packs in late March, prosecutors said. An investigation was opened after F.B.I. agents received a tip.



Is it time to add Mike Gravel to the DU list of Choices?



Earlier today a DU regular started a thread about Bernie Sanders and "Open Borders".

The poster included a link to an article on the Pacific Standard website written by Jack Herrera with the headline reading:
"Bernie says immigration threatens the Social Safety Net. Research shows Otherwise." Here is a link to the Thread:


The article stated "On the same day Trump tweeted, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders explained in an Iowa town hall why he's against open borders: Too many poor people would come to the United States, Sanders explained, and the country could not afford to pay for policies like universal health care or free college."

This without attribution, link or any basis.

The article then told us what Bernie actually said enclosed in quotation marks. "If you open the borders, my God, there's a lot of poverty in this world, and you're going to have people from all over the world," Sanders said. "And I don't think that's something that we can do at this point. Can't do it."

The article goes on to use numbers from a research paper done about immigration that shows the benefits of immigration on Government finances. The implication was that Bernie was inconsistent in opposing "Open Borders" because it would threaten his proposed Social Safety Net programs. But as anyone can see, Sanders never made such a claim. In fact, on previous occasions, Sanders has expressed the concern that too many immigrants would drive wages of the working class down. (See below). Interestingly enough, the very same research paper quoted in the Pacific Standard article concludes that exact point. Here is the Research paper and you can read about the impact on wages at this link:


Subsequent posters then joined on to rag about using the term "Open Borders", Repeating Trump talking points, and all sorts of other attacks on Senator Sanders.

I have since finally located the tape of the Iowa Town hall where Sanders took the question about "Open Borders" and you can see his response. Here is the link: See the questioner and Sanders response comment at 1:03:00

Here is a link from a 2016 Time Magazine website article that goes into quite a bit of detail about Sanders and immigration. The last few paragraph offers a good summary:

"He eventually voted for the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill, but not without qualms over the guest worker program—using the kind of rhetoric those on the right might approve of.

“It does not make a lot of sense to me to bring hundreds of thousands of those workers into this country to work for minimum wage and compete with Americans kids,” Sanders said in 2013.

But in his current campaign for president, Sanders has been unequivocally in favor of a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and he has spoken passionately on protecting families from deportation. Many immigration activists note that Sanders’ plan is more detailed than Hillary Clinton’s.

“It is time to bring our neighbors out of the shadows. It is time to give them legal status,” Sanders said last year in Nevada, in what has become a common refrain for the Vermont senator on the campaign trail. “We are a nation of immigrants… Hard working families coming to the United States to create a brighter future for their children.”


Not sure why no one has brought this up about Bernie.

Does Bernie Sanders even know how to play Golf????

He certainly won't fit in, just as They have been saying. Doesn't get along with anyone. Isn't a team player.

But what about Golf? How will he be spending his weekends?

Why hasn't this come up on the DU?

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