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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,504

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An honest acessment of the Acosta video by The New Yorker...Here....


Forget wanting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court....

Would you want him coaching your daughter on the basketball team?

After watching his dry drunken shouting at the hearing...I don't think so.

Keep in mind Mitch McConnell controls his GOP senators like puppets on a string.

He has control as he is the one deciding who sits on what committees and these positions influence the voters in each Senator's States.

Note that it takes a retirement or brain cancer before any of the these Senators are willing to even start to vote their conscience.

It is amazing to me that no one is mentioning that McConnell has removed the 60 vote requirement

needed to approve an SC nomination. They did that to get Neil Gorsuch approved and then figured they could put any hack judge up and get him through. Now we are likely to get a raging rapist for our highest court.

Say what you want about the super majority requirement, it did mean the majority party needed to some help from the minority which arguably led to more moderate picks.

I haven't read one report about Kavanugh's confirmation that mentioned this situation. Several have talked about McConnells holding no vote or hearings for Garland, but everyone seems to be OK that 51 votes are enough to get a SC seat filled.

Could Omarosa be mistaken?

Maybe it was not a paper note but rather a Tic Tac. He might have simply been getting ready for Omarosa's entrance.

Just wondering.

In 2017 US imports $29 Billion worth of steel.

Largest importer of steel in the world. 25% tariff will cost steel buyers $7,250,000,000. Canada is largest supplier for US steel. US steel makers will not be able to up production for several years...would you bother, knowing that Trump may change his mind next week?


Austin Texas uses a different approach to the parking in handicap spaces problem.

This, rather than tazing may be a better long term approach...and cheaper than paying off law suits.

Corrected link now. My apologies.

RE: Starbucks: I was a juror at a Trespassing Trial.

I was a juror for a trespassing trial. Here’s what happened: Local known jerk was in a tavern, sitting at the bar, not ordering anything and watching pool game. No testimony of talking, yelling, fighting or any other un-social behavior. Owner doesn’t like him. Called police and told them he was trespassing. Cops arrested him and threw him in jail. We went to the juror’s room. I told everyone I wasn’t going convict the guy no matter what. I said that if a business opens up, asking the public to come in and spend their time and money at their place, they had to accept everyone regardless of their reputation unless that person misbehaved or was notified with a posted sign they weren’t allowed and for what reason. (This was done at other local establishments, listing fighters, bad check writers etc.) As it turned out, everyone there agreed, even the one juror that seemed to know about prior problems the jerk had with local businesses etc. We returned to the court to deliver our not guilty verdict. The judge was somewhat visibly surprised and immediately called the DA and Attorneys to the bench. We were dismissed and that was that. Oh, and by the way, the Jerk was African American as was the one person who had knowledge of prior behavior. I mentioned to that juror that she needed to tell the courts officer that she had knowledge of the defendant and that she really shouldn’t be talking about prior behavior to the jurors, but no body seemed much concerned about that.

Will we stop trump before it's too late?

No matter what you think of Madeline Albright you should read this editorial by her and let the implications of Trump's actions since being elected sink in.


OK! Who's with Justice Stevens? Repeal the 2nd? K&R to show the way.


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