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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,504

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Here's a good article with list of all the times Trump Obstructed Justice.

You'll want to keep this handy to see if Mueller's list is the same or has even more items.


This is an easy, short read: worth it if you are having trouble keeping it all straight.


Internet working for me today! Thanks Trump...errrrrr I mean Al Gore.

Also electricity is on here, maybe not PR...But Thanks Trump, you are surely making America Great Again.

Where do we stand in Virginia House of Delegates?

Last I saw, they stopped the coin toss idea that they were going to use to determine the winner. But what happened next. Google gets me nothing.

Is it in the courts again? Was a one vote lead not enough for Democracy in Virginia?

What do you know?

Quick calculation shows tax bill is no tax cut for middle-class individuals in the aggregate

Currently corporations pay about 300 billion/year. A 40% tax rate reduction should result from the cut in rates from 35 to 20% (+ or -). If so, that reduction results in a revenue loss of 120 billion a year. The bill is reputed to result in only a 150 billion deficit per year. Special treatment for high income businesses like doctors, lawyers, and other privately held companies set up as partnerships and sole proprietorships and the drop in top rate easily sops up the remaining 30 billion difference, leaving nothing for you and me.

The promised savings from the doubling of the standard deduction will be negated by the ending of the personal exemptions leaving most with little to no cut. Those with children will gain a credit, but will lose the exemption for a small savings. Other than that, unless the tax tables are shifted quite a bit to higher marginal income levels, I'm not seeing that there will be a big change to peoples' withholdings from paycheck that will give the GOP any boost for next year's midterms.

As one said, "a tank of gas a month" at the cost of 13 million losing health care and the rest paying 10% higher premiums.

Please tell me Jones will be immediately sworn in.

Please tell me he and Corker and Collins will stop the GOP tax bill next week.

Total defeat of McConnell/Ryan and Trump's legislative initiative.

Does someone know when Jones starts? Haven't seen anything about the timing.

Gillibrand and her group have effectively taken the Republican raid on the IRS out of the news cycle

Not one post about the "Tax Cut" bill on the DU list. If Moore wins it will be because of the tax policy rather than his dating teenagers.

Come on people!

Does anyone have any thoughts on why Judge recused himself from Flynn Case?


Just saw this and I see no one is saying why. Was he concerned about new RW charges that the Mueller investigation is tainted by Trump hating agents? This is troubling for me and I would like to know what's up.

Trump's move to recognize Jerusalem is an invitation to terrorists...

to attack. He will then have his 9/11 which will scare the Americans into his waiting arms. W. Bush was basically on the way to the trash heap when the towers were struck, then his ratings soared. Trump needs such a boost and he knows the best way would be with a terrorist attack rather than war with NK...although both would suit his needs.

LOL! Sean Hannity, low tax, small government promoter, raised by two government workers!

Seems his parents both worked in the court systems of NY. Reminds me that Paul Ryan, Social Security cutter, collected off his parents' survivor policy til he obtained majority.

What is with these guys?


Did people really think it was only Priests who were abusing children, women and basically everyone?

The Pope underestimated his problem just as the press and public is underestimating the current trending turmoil. We won't see the end anytime soon and it will mean billions of dollars in the end.

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