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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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I know some crazy nutcases in my area and I'm sure you know some where you are.

In recent years a neighbor's son went schizophrenic and intentionally wrecked his car and burned down his father's work shop but fortunately never got a hold of an assault weapon. Another neighbor shot himself to death and others acted in ways way out of the norm. Domestic abuse and disturbances are whispered about all the time. The neighborhood is extremely liberal and somewhat libertarian so people are happy to help out when called upon and stay out of other people's business too.

If this is any indication of a Norm across the country, there are lots of people who are apt to lose it at any moment. We should work hard to reduce the number of weapons and figure out ways to make it difficult to get a hold of one. If people were talking about hand grenades rather than assault rifles there would be no questions asked. People are in denial about the amount of death that can be inflicted with these high powered, rapid fire, get-them-anywhere rifles. Background checks and red flag laws will help, but much more will be needed to put a dent in the mass shooting problem.

People who are a little off, sick in the head or depressed are very susceptible to influence from others. The Right Wing machine members like Tucker Carlson and the rest, with their constant chant of hate and aggravation along with more and worse stuff available on the internet will drive these fragile souls to desperate deeds. Reducing availability of weapons is the only worthwhile path, in my opinion. We should work like the anti-abortion army to close down the gun stores and providers. Imagine protestors lined up outside the gun shows and stores like they do at health clinics across the country.

My response to those wanting Ukraine to concede real estate to the Russians.

We've all now read that there are those suggesting Zelensky give territory to Putin to end the Russia's current aggression in Ukraine. The Donbas has about 4 million residents and the Crimea another 2.5. Much of both areas has be reduced to rubble. Maybe a better deal would be for Macron and Italy's Draghi to pick several cities in their countries and still and good shape, to trade off to Russia. They could do this without the bother of losing one soldier or civilian or school or hospital and I'm sure Putin would be overjoyed and surely will be dissuaded from ever using his threats of Nuclear weapons and bad boys from the east to gain any more real estate.

Kissinger, of course, has nothing to give up so nothing will shut him up. His reputation is already in the dumpster and nothing will clean up his record during the few years he has left. His ideas in the 60's and 70's cost thousands of lives and many lost far more than real estate. I guess he thinks other people's real estate is of no consequence.

Satellites showing fires and hot spots around globe indicate where the fight is in Ukraine.

Here's a link to the FIRE maps used to track wild fires etc. around the world. Updated twice a day, the red dots show where the fight is in Eastern Ukraine as the Russian try to move south and close off the rest of the Donbas they so much want.


Turn on the "streets" layer to get town names.

My take: Leaker was acting on direction of one of the justices.

Leaker was acting on direction of one of the justices.

What we know: 5 or 6 conservative justices voted to favor Mississippi in the case and an opinion writer has to write it up by June/July of 2022.

Turns out they are not in agreement as to whether to throw out Roe or simply allow the 16 week rule to stand. Maybe they can't get 5 to agree on one side or the other. Without the 5, the case is lost for Mississippi. Panic ensues and the deadline looms. More time is needed and the perfect excuse to push the decision beyond the deadline is to leak the arguments which would allow Roberts to declare a delay would be warranted. Alternatively, the leak moves the intransigent justices to move from the overthrow position to joining the 16 week restriction justices so the deadline is met and some 'progress' is made.

Am I right that there can only be one “winning” opinion while opponents can write as many opposing opinions as they choose? That the majority has to sign the one opinion.

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