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Profile Information

Name: Dave
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gallatin, TN
Home country: USA
Current location: Portland, OR
Member since: Mon Nov 6, 2006, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 5,756

Journal Archives

It Drives me Nuts to hear Pols and News Talkers Refer to "America" when meaning the US

I'm not sure when it happened but of course I'm not surprised. The politicians, the news talkers and just about everyone else now refers to the US as America. That is so wrong and so arrogant.

When did we forget that Canada and Mexico, at the very least, are part of "America?" Then there is Central America where we've been fucking with the people for years and either sending them weapons or using the CIA to overthrow their governments. Often both at the same time so we could hedge our bets.

"America" didn't vote for Romney or Obama. The US electorate did. I don't recall seeing any polling results from Regina, New Foundland, British Columbia, Jalisco, Veracruz or Chihuahua in the Presidential race.

So can we possibly get over our complete and total arrogance? I doubt it.

The US's Exceptionalism

Tonight Paul Ryan said:

"Tonight, Ryan said American exceptionalism is grounded in the fact that most Americans believe that the worst off have a path to a better life."

Yep, the US is exceptional alright. You can vote, except if you're a minority, poor, elderly or any other class that might vote for Democrats. You can have a living wage job, except if you work for Walmart or just about any fast food chain. You can have health care except if you work for one of the many businesses that keep your hours under 30 hours in order to not have to offer you health care. Sure, those computerized scheduling systems are only about maximizing the number of workers to serve the customers - yep, right. You can get honest representation in congress except if you don't have thousands of dollars to buy your representatives and senators.

There is a lot our business "leaders" and congress do except actually help the majority of their constituents.

Yep, the US is exceptional alright.

Dear Ann,

Apparently Ann is taking the loss hard so I wrote her a letter.


You and your husband paraded around on talk shows like it was inevitable that you must become the President and First Lady. You said it was "our time" in an interview. That seems rather dominionist. In the end, it doesn't seem like God really came down on your side.

Your husband being the rich former CEO he is employed a legion of people who told him what he wanted to hear rather than tell him about reality. Just like when he was a CEO. Thank goodness he didn't win. I can't imagine the crap his acolytes in his cabinet or his advisors might have been willing to tell him as President just to please him.

Every lickspittle on the right was lining up for an administration job that would propel them to a lucrative consulting or lobbying or talking head FOX network job. So sorry to have crashed their career plans.

You have at least four multi-million dollar homes. One of them allegedly has a car elevator.

You told us the heart-warming story of when you and Willard were in college and had to sell his stock to get cash to live on. Oh, that was so touching to all of us whose parents didn't give us stock so we worked multiple jobs and tried to study at the same time. I'm sure you never had to utter the phrase "would you like fries with that?"

In every interaction on the campaign trail where you had to interact with the common people you looked so uncomfortable. Your demeanor suggested the first thing you would want to do after an event and getting back to the hotel was take a shower to wash off all the contact with those nasty unwashed masses.

You and Willard never connected with people in the majority of the electorate. You couldn't. Given your privileged lives, and the distance always kept from the unwashed masses it's no wonder you couldn't connect. It was unfair to think you could.

Since your rich family and then Willard's rich family spent what ever it took to make sure you got whatever you wanted since the '70s it must have been quite a shock to not get what you wanted to become First Lady. There must be some terrible cognitive dissonance going on. Maybe you should consider the feelings us regular plebes have when we don't get that job after a job interview. There might be some of the same feelings of disappointment.

It must be a real bitch to stand down the decorators and send back the fabric swatches now that you won't get to re-decorate the White House.

I wish I could say I had the least bit of sympathy for you and Willard. But I don't. The US electorate recognized Willard as the lying, flip-flopping person he is. No one, not even the GOP, had the foggiest clue how he'd govern if elected. I believe most people who voted for Willard didn't really vote for him. They voted Republican or they voted against Obama. I'm sure there was a lot of nose-holding in voting booths on 11/6 as people either cast a ballot for Willard or just didn't vote at all in the Presidential race.

So here it is. No one really likes you or Willard. You are the epitome of rich assholes. Your personalities throughout the campaign proved that over and over again.

Looking at polls it seems that the places where Willard spent the most face-to-face time with voters broke against him. The logical conclusion is the more time people spent with Willard face-to-face the less they liked him. Imagine that. Let's review (paraphrased):

- I have friends who own NASCAR teams
- Those are nice rain coats
- Are those 7-11 cookies?
- I love cheesy grits
- 47% of people are takers who I'll never represent

and I know I'm missing some of the other great quotes.

So Ann, it's important to note you and Willard made a valiant effort. Despite the half a billion dollars Karl Rove and company spent it seems the US electorate ignored all the TV ads. They seemed to have awakened to the fact the banks and corporations are screwing them. In fact, it seems the awakening pissed them off so much they were willing to stand in line for 8-12 hours to vote.

You,Willard and the GOP are facing the electoral equivalent of the guillotine the French ruling class faced. You want to suggest we eat cake or do you want to suggest something more intelligent?

Best regards,
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