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Profile Information

Name: Dave
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gallatin, TN
Home country: USA
Current location: Portland, OR
Member since: Mon Nov 6, 2006, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 5,756

Journal Archives

Laughter is the Best Medicine. An old but true thing. I Loved It in Reader's Digest

Recently I interviewed for a job. My very good friend who did everything up to and including jumping up and down on the hiring manager's desk to get me the interview was outside the conference room during my interview. He'd been outside the conference room during other candidates interviews for the same position as well.

When I left the room and as he escorted me out of the building I told him I thought the interview went well. He mentioned he had heard laughter in the room so he was hopeful for me.

I really hadn't thought of it but looking back I did make some comments that elicited laughter from the interview team. I'm not a comedian, I just made comments anyone in my industry would find amusing.

So, in addition to the fact I'm completely qualified for the position and have performed the required duties for the job in the past I had that extra plus. I was able to relate to the interview team and make them laugh.

I was able to make them laugh because I don't take myself too seriously. I can make fun of myself and not feel I've denigrated myself.

Kind of one of those great qualities I love about people here on DU.

ON EDIT: I start the new job on March 4th.

Do Phone Number "Area Codes" Actually Matter Anymore?

I was exchanging e-mail, not phone messages oddly enough given my post's topic, with a friend of mine who I knew in Miami when I lived there. Now he lives in Dallas but retains his old 305 area-code phone number. One of my friends moved from Oregon to another state and still retains his 503 area-code number. I have a 503 number and if I moved I'd keep it because so many people have that number in their contacts lists and it's a perfectly good number so I see no reason to try to start remembering a new one.

So my random thoughts and ramblings right now are that area codes are not area codes anymore. We just have 10-digit numbers that identify us no matter where we are. Especially if that number is tied to a cell phone.

I Bet that's putting some tin-foil hats on more than a few people. Does anyone have a "666" area code? That'd be really fun to have just to tweak some people.

Please Take the Time to Make Comments When You're on a Jury

I know it takes time to make comments when you volunteer to serve on a jury and you've already given of your time by participating on a jury. Thank you for that.

What people may not realize is that taking time to comment on your thoughts for why you voted to Hide or Leave a post is very helpful to people upstream of that jury service. The admins and the MIRT team get sent alerts on hidden posts with the TOS violation box checked. They take your comments into account when evaluating whether or not to revoke posting privileges for a member.

Your comments could be important to cause the admins or MIRT to see things from a different angle than they might otherwise. As a result, that might help admins or MIRT decide not to revoke posting privileges when a member may simply have inelegantly stated a post but is still a good DU member otherwise. Conversely, your comments might help confirm their suspicions that the member is a troll, racist, misogynist, bigot, spammer, or other type of member who should have their posting privileges revoked.

Finally, your comments serve to inform the alerter and the member whose post was alerted on about how other DU members perceive their alerts and posts. This is true for all posts including ones that don't have the TOS box checked. So it serves as a means to help educate other members and to guide newer members on what is considered appropriate at DU.

Cheers! Keep on reading and posting!

New Task for All DUer's and Friends. Let's Saddle Rubio w/ Nickname H20 Rubio

Let's start using this everywhere we post to get it to take hold? Maybe we can help keep him out of even the 2016 GOP Primaries from embarrassment. Wouldn't that be fun?

One of my TN Friends has a Pic of St. Reagan on His Page With "Happy Birthday Mr. President..."

and then this little tidbit: "Happy Birthday Mr. President - Your legacy will never be forgotten."

I was so tempted to post - Yep, his legacy of ignoring the AIDS crisis. His legacy of union busting with the Air Traffic Controller's Union. His legacy of Iran Contra and giving us Ollie North as a conservative commentator. His legacy of the clearly ineffective voodoo economics of trickle-down. His legacy of having more people in his administration indicted and convicted than any other president before him or since.

Yep, his legacy will not be forgotten.

Feel free to rant and add more things for which his legacy will not be forgotten in the comments. It will give you a chance to rant, let off some steam and avoid pissing off your FB friends who will never be convinced St. Ronnie was an evil, evil man. It will be cathartic.

I Am Thoroughly Disgusted w/ Amazon and UPS

On Jan 30th UPS delivered two packages from Amazon to my address. Unfortunately they weren't anything I ordered and the name on the shipping label is a person I don't know and have never heard of. So, being the good guy I actually am, despite the impression some of you may have gotten from some of my posts here on DU, I tried to do the right thing. I went to Amazon's site looking for a way to let them know that the items they shipped, 2nd Day Air BTW, got delivered to the wrong address. Their customer service options really only include common events like "Where's my Stuff" and how to do a return. No toll-free number to call for live humans. Finally I found a form to "e-mail customer service" and e-mailed them about the problem. When I submitted the form it said someone would respond within 12 hours. It's been over 72 now and no response.

After doing that on Amazon's site it occurred to me I should probably call UPS and let them know they delivered to the wrong address. UPS does have an 800-number you can call. Of course it's one of those automated phone systems that does everything in its power to prevent you from speaking to a live person with a heartbeat. After I sat through the mindless repetition of "You can say: Track Packages, Order Supplies..." where none of the options were "You can say Speak to an Agent" I just sat there until the system finally connected me to an agent.

I explained the problem to her and emphasized that these packages were shipped second day air so the intended recipient was probably a very irritated customer now since they paid extra for shipping and didn't get their items. She profusely apologized for the mistake. Took the tracking numbers and assured me that UPS would pick up those packages by 7PM the next day - Jan 31st.

It's now Saturday Feb 2nd and I still have the two packages. I will be calling UPS again on Monday and God help the agent if they suggest I drop them off at the local UPS terminal in town. I have since, tried looking up the person whose name is on the packages in the online white pages. You won't be surprised and neither was I that there was no listing. The white pages are pretty much useless now that almost everyone has cell phones and more and more people are dropping their land-lines.

So customer service for BOTH Amazon and UPS - FAIL. I hope the lady who ordered these books has reamed Amazon a new one by now especially since, as I said, she paid extra for 2-day air shipping.

Just Because it's a Cute Deer w/ a Fluffy White Tail Doesn't Make it Okay to Break the Law

I know I'm going to get flamed for this but here it is anyway.

The law that prohibits people from having that deer and other wild animals is there to protect the animals. It was the right, kind and humane thing for the couple to do to get the fawn out of immediate harm's way as the initially did. It was the wrong thing for them to do raise a wild animal in a pen on their property. They should have turned it over to the IN Dept. of Natural Resources.

Wild animals raised by humans become domesticated and dependent upon humans. They don't have a chance to learn the survival skills they need in the wild from their mothers. Humans can't teach them that. This couple apparently intended to turn the deer back out into the wild. They were spending less time with it to prepare it one article reported. When I was growing up on a farm my dad told us in these sorts of cases that if we took in an orphaned wild animal we were going to take care of it for it's life. Because animals raised temporarily by people like this couple rarely survive long when put back into the wild.

If they are predator animals they never learned to hunt because they were fed by humans. An animal like this deer never learned from its mother the smells of the predators and when to hide or how to forage for food.

People are all up in arms about euthanizing the deer. Well turning it back into the wild was likely a death sentence in its own right. It is just as likely that the deer has already been killed by a predator it never learned to avoid. Or that it's starving to death because it didn't learn to forage for food properly. It could not have possibly learned those skills living in a pen and being fed by humans.

It's a further insult that the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources wants the charges dropped against this couple now. The only reason they're doing this is all the crap on the Internet. Well that's a fair and equal application of the law. How about all the other people who have been or will be charged under this law? I guess they still have to go to court and actually defend themselves if they can't muster an Internet outrage.

John McCain and Rand Paul Should Be Ashamed

The two of them were the most embarrassing questioners. They both obviously had an axe to grind and were just obnoxious. Both practically called her a liar.

What total assholes. They only wanted to jab Clinton and make time on camera.

I just listened to the first three calls on C-SPAN. All three of the callers were very upset with McCain and Paul.

So I Got Really Good Customer Svc. From an AT&T Rep But Can't Find a Way to Give Feedback...

It's so unusual I get good customer service from just about any phone rep these days I'd like to give some positive feedback - especially if it might reflect on her review. But I can't find a way to do it. There doesn't seem to be any way I can send an e-mail to them with the rep's name, time, date so they can identify her. I logged into my account online and there is no way I can find there.

Does anyone know how I can do this other than just calling back and asking for a supervisor?

Is Anyone Else As Concerned for First Family's Safety Over the Next Days as I?

Call me a concern troll if you like. I'll certainly accept it on this topic.

My concern is we've had nothing but blatantly open hatred displayed for Obama during his first term by some factions. Now, add to that the recent gun furor and it really makes me nervous. I'd really like it if he and FLOTUS did not walk along the parade route in the open. That seems like such an open environment that cannot be controlled no matter how many police and Secret Service you have. I will be in anxiety mode until all the festivities are over.
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