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angrychair's Journal
angrychair's Journal
March 19, 2016

Clinton and SChip

Clinton clearly has little to crow about. Though her and Bill did make themselves multimillionaires by racking in millions in speaking fees from Wall St firms and fees from private colleges that screwed poor people, not much else.
She likes to bring up SChip a lot. So, let's ask the actual writers of the Bill, Orrin Hatch and Ted Kennedy, and what they think:

Sen. Hatch stated:
"I do like her," Hatch said of Hillary Clinton. "We all care about children. But does she deserve credit for SCHIP? No - Teddy does, but she doesn't."

Sen. Ted Kennedy (FYI, despite all her quoting him and tying herself to Kennedy's legacy, Kennedy endorsed Obama for president in 2008) he stated:
"Asked whether Clinton was exaggerating her role in creating SCHIP, Kennedy, stopped in the hallway as he was entering the chamber to vote, half-shrugged.

"Facts are stubborn things," he said, declining to criticize Clinton directly. "I think we ought to stay with the facts."

Or let's ask another noted Democrat, Henry Waxman, who's committee approved the Bill in the House:
"It was a bipartisan bill. I don't remember the role of the White House," said Representative Henry Waxman, a California Democrat who has not endorsed a candidate in the presidential race and who was the chief Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee, which deals with health matters. "It did not originate at the White House."


While I grant you that some are willing to give her some credit, like Fact Check, fine I guess. The Bill's authors are not willing to give her credit. The Bill's chief supporters are not. I didn't say it, they did. She didn't write the bill, fight for it in Congress and it took two attempts to get it to pass due to opposition from the WH.

It is in very poor taste and an insult to the memory of a great man like Ted Kennedy that she would attempt to steal the glory and accomplishments right from the man's grave.

March 1, 2016

The amazing times we live in

Currently, major Democratic and Republican Party candidates for president are under federal investigation for serious crimes yet still appear to have major support from their respective Parties.
Think about that. Let it sink in. There are people that could very well be voting for a candidate, in the Tuesday primary, they hope to be president of the United States that they know is under investigation for very serious crimes.
What the hell is wrong with our country when this is "ok"??

Please don't insult my intelligence or your own by making excuses or spinning tales of "vast right-wing conspiracies" or laughable attacks on news sources. That is bullshit. What is happening is real. There are real federal judges. Real FBI agents. Real IGs. Real reports from real intelligence agencies. Real Justice department attorneys.

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