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angrychair's Journal
angrychair's Journal
April 6, 2016

It's just an accounting glitch

Sanders campaign started April 30. In this Politico story, the campaign stated they had raised $13.7 million from April 30th to June 30.

"76 percent of the Vermont senator’s donations were $200 or less, amounting to just under $10.5 million of the $13.7 his campaign raised through the end of June.
The $15.2 million comes from a transfer of $1.5 million from his Senate campaign committee.


There were several stories and campaign announcements regarding the amount that matches the report:

Campaign Finance Institute has two charts that support the reported numbers:
Here: http://www.cfinst.org/pdf/federal/president/2016/Table1_Rec-Cash.pdf

And here:

At the end of the day, nothing "mysterious" but a staffer making a mistake in the paperwork.

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