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Liberal_in_LA's Journal
Liberal_in_LA's Journal
July 17, 2016

Heavily tatted White supremacist kills three

Police found the bodies of the two men outside the house at 4006 NW 417th Street, while the woman was dead inside.
None of the victims' names have been released, but Sergeant Tony Barnes told the New York Daily News they were all white.
Police believe Luyster was looking for something when he opened fire.
Police launched an online appeal showing Luyster's tattoos, which includes 'skinhead' scrawled over his abdomen. Adolf Hitler and other Nazi Germany symbols are tattooed on his back.
A friend wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday: 'My heart breaks that my comrade Brent Luyster is on the loose with multiple body bags in tow, brother ODIN is calling for you, may you have a proper taking into Valhalla......'
Police received a tip and arrested Luyster at 4.15pm on Saturday while he was in his gold Ford Explorer on the Ocean Beach Highway.
The Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office issued a tweet announcing Luyster's arrest, adding that he was taken into custody 'peacefully by his choice'.


The 35-year-old pleaded guilty and served 90 days in jail for rioting with a weapon after he was accused of pointing a loaded gun at a black man in a Vancouver, Washington, tavern because he became angered by an interracial couple.
He used a racial slur and when another black customer intervened, Luyster started threatening to kill the couple, according to court documents cited by KPTV.
The Columbian reported he was involved in a drive-by shooting, taking a motor vehicle without permission, rioting while armed, malicious mischief and theft, among many others.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3694080/White-supremacist-arrested-woman-shot-face-drove-two-miles-convenience-store-wrote-note-telling-police-killed-three-couldn-t-speak.html#ixzz4EeVGFLhV
July 17, 2016

GOP lawmaker/ uniited airlines pilot calls for Hillary to be Ďhung on the Mall in Washington, DCí

Friday evening a Republican lawmaker from West Virginia called for former Secretary of State and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to be publicly hung in Washington DC.

According to WOAY, Michael Folk, who serves in the West Virginia House of Delegates when he is not flying airplanes for United Airlines, posted a tweet stating: “@HillaryClinton You should be tried for treason, murder, and crimes against the US Constitution… then hung on the Mall in Washington, DC”

After receiving criticism, Folk posting a second tweet reading, “Sorry, I don’t mince words… read this story & watch this video & maybe you’ll understand” with a link to an article about the failed investigation into Clinton’s email server.

Folk’s tweet was screen-captured by the West Virginia Democratic Party which called Folk “unfit to serve.”

Twitter commenters have also sent screen captures to United Airlines which responded : “We are definitely aware, and are investigating this. Thanks for letting us know.”

A West Virginia lawmaker said Saturday he regrets tweeting that Hillary Clinton should be "hung on the mall in Washington, D.C.," as punishment for her use of a private email server as secretary of state.

But Michael Folk, a member of West Virginia's House of Delegates, said he still believes Clinton should be tried for treason after an FBI investigation determined she handled classified information on the server. The FBI recommended earlier this month that charges not be brought against Clinton or her staffers.
"I do think she should be tried and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," Folk told CNN Saturday. But as for being hanged, he said, "No, my gosh. That was the hyperbole in the statement."


"The rule of law is gone," Folk told CNN. "The average person that would have done something like that would have been in jail for life."

July 17, 2016

Indian businessman famed for $240,000 gold shirt 'beaten to death'

An Indian businessman who made headlines in 2013 for purchasing a shirt made entirely of gold has been beaten to death in western India, according to a report on Friday.

Datta Phuge gained fame when he ordered a customised gold shirt worth 12.7 million rupees, around $240,000 at the time.

It was made up of 14,000 pieces of 22-carat gold, weighed 3.32 kilogrammes (7.3 pounds) and was put together by 15 craftsmen over 16 days.

The purpose of the gold shirt was to attract women

The hefty garment earned Phuge – a money lender from Pune in Maharashtra state – the moniker “gold man”, a title he cherished.

Police said Phuge, believed to be in his mid-40s, was attacked and killed by 12 assailants brandishing stones and sharp weapons on Thursday night after one of the suspects had invited him for a party, according to the Press Trust of India news agency.


Phuge’s 22-year-old son witnessed his father being murdered and had been spared by the alleged killers, he added, saying police suspected the motive could have been a dispute over a money transaction. Four suspects have been detained.

July 17, 2016

He wanted the biggest, most powerful vehicle we have', didnt have license to drive truck that size

EXCLUSIVE - 'He wanted the biggest, most powerful vehicle we have': Truck terrorist ordered a 'massive' 19-tonne lorry 'to create maximum number of victims' says garage boss
Killer hired lorry from Via Location, Saint-Laurent-du-Var, just outside Nice
The manager of vehicle hire company came face-to-face with ISIS terrorist
He hired the truck on Monday and was meant to return it on Wednesday 24 hours before he drove it into crowds of Bastille Day revellers, killing 84
Garage boss said he asked to hire the biggest and most powerful lorry


Bouhlel did not have the correct driving licence to rent a lorry of that size, Le Figaro reported.

As the vehicle was a 19-tonne refrigerated lorry, he needed a 'C permit' licence, for which he would have required an extensive medical examination. 'C permits' expire every five years.

To qualify for one a driver must be at least 21 years old and have lived in France for at least six months, with a valid work permit.

The deposit for renting such a vehicle alone can run to thousands of Euros, and must be paid by credit card. The hire price is thought to be about £250 per day.

How the fanatic hired the lorry without this licence is unknown. MailOnline has sought comment from Via Location.
The firm's office, on an industrial estate surrounded by countryside, was locked up on Saturday as staff tried to come to terms with the tragedy.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3693329/He-wanted-biggest-powerful-vehicle-Truck-terrorist-ordered-massive-19-tonne-lorry-create-maximum-number-victims-says-garage-boss.html#ixzz4EcX9N4j1

July 16, 2016

Ignore the Polls. Trumpís Campaign Is a Hot Mess, and Thatís All That Matters.

Many polls show a tightening race, although some also show Clinton taking a commanding lead in the battleground states. None of this matters. Time spent poring over polls at this point is time wasted. Polls this early are rarely predictive in general elections. They’ll be much more valuable about a week after the Democratic convention, when a much larger chunk of the electorate has heard both sides and is paying attention.

Instead, focus on a crucial fact: The Trump campaign is in disarray, displaying a chaos rarely seen in national politics (since at least 1972, when George McGovern’s presidential run became a legendary shambles after his running mate dropping out because of reports about his mental history).


The state of the polls really don’t matter compared to the four-lane pile-up that is the Trump campaign. With his organization in such a mess, Trump has little chance of convincing those who aren’t already on board to support him. Indeed, he’s likely to lose voters over time. And he certainly won’t be able to field an effective get-out-the-vote push in competitive swing states. The chaos of the Trump campaign is the biggest story of the election, and the key indicator of where the race is headed.


July 16, 2016

How Philando Castile's girlfriend transformed "sir" into a powerful tool for dignity and subversion

How Diamond Reynolds Transformed Politeness into Protest

The officer fired four bullets. Diamond Reynolds fired five sirs. In live-streaming the fatal shooting of her boyfriend, Philando Castile, by police in a St. Pauls suburb last week, Reynolds didn’t just provide dramatic video testimony of police violence: She also transformed a simple term of deference and submission – sir – into a powerful tool for dignity and subversion.

In the opening minutes of Reynolds’ Facebook video, we witness Castile slumped over in the driver’s seat, his white shirt soaked in blood. We glimpse his eyes roll back and hear a low, agonizing groan. The officer, his gun trained on a fading Castile, screams his commands – and his own shock, it seems, at his actions. But Reynolds is narrating with clarity and composure, repeatedly addressing the officer as sir. “You shot four bullets into him, sir. He was just getting his license and registration, sir.” Her unassuming, polite sir counterbalances the horror of the gun, the blood, the officer’s “Fuck!”

But Reynolds’s sir is more than a straightforward act of obedience: It is literally disarming. It defuses the crisis, demonstrating to the officers she is present and attentive: “I will, sir, no worries, I will,” she responds to an order. Her sir levels out the volatility, following a script all the actors know by heart: “Yes I will, sir.” Her sir even helps soothe the initial trauma, as if creating in its extra syllable a breath-catching pause, a pulse-calming rest – for her, for her daughter in the backseat, for the viewer, for the officer. In expressing deference with sir, Reynold stays in control.

While Reynold’s mannerly sir eases the scene, it also focuses our attention. “You told him to get his ID, sir, his driver’s license,” Reynolds says. “You told him to get it, sir.” Each sir refers us back to the officer. In a 10-minute video, Reynolds uses sir five times, four of them within that intimate minute before she exits the car. As she provides this first-person narration, she also pivots to third-person documentation, panning from the all-too-familiar outcome – another dead black male – to the problem: the use of lethal force against black Americans. Wielding the megaphone of Facebook Live, she addresses one sir to address the broader sir of authority and state.

July 16, 2016

the last clown has arrived, the circus is now complete.

12:04 PM PDT
the last clown has arrived, the circus is now complete.


12:19 PM PDT
Thank goodness he's gone forever - Indiana voters.

July 16, 2016

Warren police officer who cut off woman's weave under fire again for cutting detainee's hand

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - The video went viral: A Warren police officer strapping a young mother from Detroit into a restraint chair and slicing off her hair weave.

Now that same officer is once again caught cutting on camera – this time accused of slicing open a prisoner’s hand.

Lawyers who say they’ve followed this officer’s alleged “use of force” problems for years say it was only a matter of time before this happened again.

7 Investigator Heather Catallo obtained exclusive video from inside the Warren Police Jail.

In the video, you can see Warren Police Officer Bernadette Najor, who now uses her married name, Bernadette Moore.

In the video, Officer Moore can be seen ordering an intoxicated 19-year-old from Warren to remove a bracelet that’s made of string.

Shannon Morris says she tried telling the officer that the bracelet doesn’t come off. But she ends up on the ground, with a large gash in her hand.

“The next thing I remember is being on the floor asking what happened over and over again. One of the male officers just replied with ‘she stabbed you,’”said Morris.


The former incident

Police officer fired after being caught on camera slicing off young mother's weave... then claiming she did it because the hairpiece was a SUICIDE risk
Charda Gregory was arrested late last year and accused of trashing a seedy motel room on 8 Mile Road
She claims she was drugged and taken there against her will, the video shows her unable to stand
Warren Police Officer Bernadette Najor is shown in the video slicing off and ripping out her weave using scissors
Ms Najors was fired as a result of the incident

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2549883/Suburban-Detroit-cop-fired-caught-camera-slicing-young-mothers-weave.html#ixzz4EYF41UbV
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

July 16, 2016

Playboy Model Dani Mathers takes pic of naked woman at gym, post it online for ridicule

what may be a first for a Playboy Playmate, Dani Mathers was slammed for posting a picture of a naked woman on Thursday.

Mathers snapped a photo of a woman showering at an L.A. Fitness gym without her knowledge, and then posted it to her Snapchat with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

She then shared a picture of herself laughing — but no one was laughing with her.

Instead, Mathers received backlash for body shaming, with a number of Twitter users even calling for her arrest.


Playmate Dani Mathers suspended from job, banned from L.A. Fitness after posting photo of naked woman at gym

The 2015 Playboy Playmate of the year was suspended from her regular radio show gig on the "Heidi and Frank" show on KLOS 95.5 and banned from all L.A. Fitness facilities after she posted a body-shaming photo of a fellow gym goer, TMZ reported.

Mathers faced a slew of criticism after she sent the Snapchat of the woman out to the masses along with the caption "If I can't unsee this then you can't either."

The blond model also uploaded an image where she was coyly laughing at the woman.

ani Mathers is now in the crosshairs of cops, because TMZ has learned there's now a criminal investigation over the pic she took in a gym locker room.
We found out the brass over at LA Fitness went to cops Friday and filed the report, accusing the former Playboy Playmate of egregiously violating a member's right of privacy by taking a pic of her while naked in the shower, and then humiliating her by posting the pic with a disgusting caption.
We're told the police investigation is based on a criminal law prohibiting the dissemination of private images.
The woman in the pic has not come forward ... the report lists "Jane Doe" as the victim.
Dani has already been punished ... we've learned Playboy has suspended her from all Playmate activities including her show on Playboy Radio.


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