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Liberal_in_LA's Journal
Liberal_in_LA's Journal
October 1, 2014

California Governor Signs Law to Force Billionaire to Restore Beach Access

California Governor Signs Law to Force Billionaire to Restore Beach Access

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation to force Silicon Valley billionaire Vinod Khosla to allow public access through his property to a contested beach south of San Francisco. The venture capitalist and green energy investor bought the 53-acre property south of Half Moon Bay in 2008 and erected a gate across the road, preventing beachgoers and surfers from reaching popular Martin’s Beach. The standoff has become a lightning rod in the battle over beach access, spawning legislation and litigation.

Earlier this year, Brown signed legislation allowing the state Coastal Commission to levy large fines against homeowners who block shore access. Then San Mateo Superior Court Judge Barbara Mallach ruled against Khosla last week in a lawsuit aimed at forcing him to reopen the road, saying he must either allow access or get a state permit to permanently close it. Khosla has not reopened the road. Legislation signed by Brown on Tuesday specifically targets Khosla and requires the state Lands Commission to negotiate with him for a year to try to resolve the issue. If no agreement is reached, the Coastal Commission would acquire all or a part of Khosla’s property by eminent domain to ensure access. An attorney for Khosla did not immediately return a call from NBC News seeking comment on the new law or the litigation.


October 1, 2014

That Laser Cat Yearbook Photo Just Got Even More Awesome


How do you take a laser cat yearbook photo to the next level? Add a chihuahua and a principal, and do it all to spread awareness about animal adoption.

Draven Rodriguez, a senior at upstate New York's Schenectady High School, made headlines earlier this month when he launched an online campaign to get his school's approval of his cat-and-laser portrait for the 2015 yearbook. The photo featured Rodriguez posing in a suit while holding his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, with pink and blue beams shooting across the image.

At the time, school district spokeswoman Karen Corona told Schenectady's Daily Gazette the photo could appear somewhere in the yearbook but would not appear alongside the professional senior portraits.

Now, Rodriguez's cat-and-laser theme is getting even more prominent placement thanks to the addition of Principal Diane Wilkinson and her dog, Vivienne.


original picture:

September 30, 2014

Family claims they are suffering due to reaction to daughter's name: Isis

When you hear the term ISIS, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the terrorist group taking over the Middle East and beheading westerners. Absolutely gruesome stuff. But for a lot of people, they hear ISIS and think, Hey that's my name!

Like one little girl in Sydney, whose parents named her after the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. Sheridan Leskien says that until a few months ago, people would remark on the unusual beauty of her 8-year-old daughter's name, but now that the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham goes by the same moniker, Isis' name is threatening to tear her family apart.

"Every day there's some sort of reference in the media or brought up in conversation about fighting ISIS, about how ISIS is evil, and I'm worried that she's going to be targeted," Isis' mom shared.

She continued, "It's ruining our family and it's ruining Isis' future. I'm heartbroken for all the families being affected (by Islamic State), the journalists, the different people who are suffering, but my family is suffering too."

While some might call her melodramatic, Leskian says that "friends have abandoned" them, because they're "afraid to be associated with them." Isis' 13-year-old brother Maximus has gotten into fights defending his sister.


September 29, 2014

Trump pranked into celebrating serial killers

Donald Trump had an embarrassing start to his week.

The Donald was the victim of a prank on Twitterby user Philip Bradburywho asked the reality TV host to tweet a picture of his parents who passed away but considered him an "inspiration."

Trump obliged, but the picture was actually of notorious serial killers Fred and Rose West.

Now he is contemplating a lawsuit.



September 29, 2014

Animal Abuse Gains Traction as a Serious Crime, With Jail More Often the Result



reasons he has not fully explained, Andre Robinson kicked a stray cat several yards. A video of the kick was posted on Facebook. He was soon arrested.

Had it been a person he kicked, Mr. Robinson, 22, most likely would have received a quick plea bargain requiring no jail time — if, that is, he had even been arrested. And had he kicked that gray cat a few years ago, a similar outcome might have awaited him.

But now, every time Mr. Robinson has appeared in court in Brooklyn, animal-rights activists have surrounded him, attending his hearings and calling for a jail sentence. He has not even received a plea offer from prosecutors — extremely rare in misdemeanor cases.

Mr. Robinson, with one seemingly unconsidered kick, has unwittingly placed himself at the center of an impassioned, growing debate.

On one side are the activists. Once dismissed as cat ladies or fringe do-gooders, they have come to wield real power through funding, organization and a focus on legal remedies for animal abuse. They have embraced social-media campaigns; offered rewards to potential witnesses to animal abuse; trained prosecutors; and made inroads in pushing law enforcement across the country to arrest, and seek jail time for, animal abusers.

September 29, 2014

Woman Held in Jail for Weeks Over SpaghettiOs,cop thought sauce was meth residue


The officer’s report states he received consent to search Huff’s 1994 Ford Explorer, and searched a bag with the name “Ashley” printed on it. The officer described Huff, a passenger, as “nervous,” noting sores on her face, arms and legs. Inside the bag was a spoon with a “clear, crystal-like substance,” according to the report.

Huff disputes the claim, saying it was orange SpaghettiOs spaghetti sauce, as she told the officer in the police report.

“I found it strange that she would eat SpaghettiOs with a metal spoon while riding in a vehicle, and then put the spoon back in a bag,” the report reads.

The officer reported he found a glass smoking device in the bag as well before conducting a field test for methamphetamine.

“I tested the spoon with a field test kit, and the crystal-like substance on the spoon showed a positive indication for methamphetamine,” the report reads.

Huff was arrested and taken to Hall County Jail.


(NEWSER) – When Ashley Gabrielle Huff was pulled over by a police officer in Gainesville, Ga., on July 2 for a tag light violation, the officer immediately became suspicious of her appearance and demeanor. After finding a spoon in her car with residue on it (and supposedly field-testing it), the officer was convinced it was methamphetamine and arrested Huff, 23, hauling her off to Hall County Jail. She was released at one point, then reincarcerated. Unable to pay her bail, she languished there until Sept. 18—when lab tests came back and proved it was SpaghettiOs sauce, not meth, on the spoon, the Gainesville Times reports.

A police report cited by the Times noted that Huff, 23, seemed "nervous" to the officer who made the traffic stop and that her body was covered in sores. After reportedly getting permission from Huff to search her car, the officer found a bag with a spoon inside, coated with a "clear, crystal-like substance"; he says he also did a field test that showed a "positive indication" for meth. Huff told the officer that it was just SpaghettiOs sauce, but he wasn't buying it. She explains to the Times that she ate straight out of the can and then tossed the can but "threw the spoon in my purse because I had borrowed it from a friend." Now Huff, who says she lost her Waffle House job and missed her kids' birthdays while incarcerated, says she's seeking legal counsel. The police say they were simply "acting in good faith,"


September 28, 2014

pepperoni pizza cake - ugh... warning picture


This is a Pepperoni Pizza Cake, which is just a layer of pizza, topped with another layer, and another,

September 28, 2014

a**hole of the week -man drove car into spot cleared for medical helicopter to land, refused to move


But Allen, as noted in Eisen’s report, drove his 2007 Toyota around the emergency vehicles for about 200 feet off the paved highway. Deputies and emergency personnel yelled at Allen to stop his car, to no avail, the report states. Allen was ordered three times to park his car east of the emergency vehicles and out of the way of the helicopter, but refused, deputies said, instead stopping on S.R. 40.

Allen then rolled into the open space on S.R. 40 that had been cleared for the helicopter’s landing, the report states. That’s when he almost struck Sheriff’s Sgt. Justin Sawicki with his Toyota, deputies said. As Allen passed Sawicki, the sergeant began yelling at him to stop. Allen was in the helicopter’s landing zone and the chopper was just above, 50 to 100 feet from the ground, the report states. Sawicki then told the pilot to abort the landing to avoid another accident.

Allen, of Port Orange, told deputies he had no idea the road was being blocked and then said, “I always go around firetrucks and never have had a problem before,” the report shows.

But deputies say Allen did have a tough time hearing several people yell at him as he drove around eight fire and emergency vehicles parked in the east lanes of S.R. 40 early Thursday just after midnight.


A Florida physician's assistant was jailed Thursday after refusing to move his car to allow a medical helicopter access to the scene of a deadly car crash, police say.

James Allen, 52, first drove around emergency vehicles in the Barberville accident that left 26-year-old Tessa George dead.

He then drove directly into the spot cleared for a helicopter and wouldn't move it even as police pleaded and the helicopter hovered 50-100 feet above, authorities say. 


Police say he then pulled into the spot reserved for the helicopter and refused to move, officials said.

Only when Allen was forced to move his car could the helicopter finally land, and even then police say Allen continued to refuse to produce his driver's license.

In the end, he claimed it was because he was confused about what all the fuss was over.

According to the police report, as he was arrested Allen yelled:

'I always go around firetrucks.'

In answer to his confusion, police charged Allen with failure to obey police-fire department or
ders and resisting an officer without violence.


September 28, 2014

abandoned cat gets a lovely jumper afterr matted hair shaved off


had been found abandoned in a box on the side of a road in north London. Due to years of neglect, he was so sick when he was discovered that he could barely eat. According to the Telegraph, staff at the Well Animal Clinic in West Hampstead had to feed him with a syringe.

Well Animal Clinic/Bourn/REX USA
After he was brought in, vets sedated Matt before removing his thick coat.

September 28, 2014

"Frozen" character costumes have been sexed up for Halloween

is sacred. Not Elsa or Anna. Not even Olaf.

Along with every other children’s pop culture icon, the Disney Frozen cast has been sucked up into the Halloween slut machine and spit out as a collection of sex totems. Elsa and Anna have let it all go . . . and are showing a lot of leg.

The online lingerie and costume company Yandy’s 2014 collection of adult costumes includes an off-the-shoulder and above-the-thigh Blue Snow Maiden costume that’s a racy version of the elegant gown Elsa wore. A Norwegian Maiden costume has the same color scheme as Anna’s lovely frock but looks like a much better fit for a busty woman in a beer commercial. There’s also a Funny Snowman getup if you want to dress up as a sexed-up version of Olaf, with a skin-tight leotard and white stockings that pull up to your thighs. And finally, the Ice Girl Costume has a slit that will take you all the way up to . . . Elsa’s castle.

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