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Liberal_in_LA's Journal
Liberal_in_LA's Journal
October 1, 2015

Infant bitten 27 times (by another child), unlicensed daycare shut down (warning.. bite pictures)

Investigators shut down a home day care operation after they said an infant was bitten 27 times by another child.

Child Care Licensing ordered the homeowner to cease operations Monday after an investigation revealed she had been operating out of a home on Bentwood View without a license. Investigators found eight children in the home and determined it had been in operation for eight years.

The infant, who was rushed to a hospital Friday, had pronounced bite marks all over his body, including his eyes, cheeks, legs, stomach and back. The parents of the baby, who asked not to be identified, said the day care operator waited four hours to call them and did so only after the baby's injuries did not fade away.

KENS 5 is not naming the operator because she has not been criminally charged.

A San Antonio Police Department spokesman confirmed Tuesday the case is under investigation by its sex crimes unit. The spokesman said it does not appear a sex crime took place; instead, the unit has taken on the case because it involves the possibility that a crime was committed against a child.




Child Care Licensing ordered the homeowner to stop operations after an investigation revealed she was running with no permit from a house on Bentwood View. Researchers discovered it’d been in operation and discovered eight kids in the house.

Friday the baby, who had been rushed into a hospital, had pronounced bite marks around his body, including cheeks, his eyes, legs, abs and back.

Because she’s not been charged, the operator is not being named by kENS 5. A San Antonio Police Department spokesman confirmed the case is by its own sex crimes unit.

If investigators discover something could have already been carried out to stop the child’s injuries the operator could face charges of child neglect or harm to your young child by omission.


Mother speaks out after baby bitten 27 times

SAN ANTONIO -- One mother wants to warn other parents after her child was bitten 27 times at a day care and rushed to the emergency room, according to state investigators.

That mother is telling Eyewitness News first hand what happened and the warning signs she saw for weeks.

Jeanette Betancourt said she's been taking her son to the home day care in question over the last month.

She noticed her baby came home once with a scratch on his face and then a red mark on the back of his head.

Betancourt said the day care operator had an answer every time about what happened and always asked Jeanette if she was going to take her son to see a doctor.

Friday, Betancourt rushed the child to the emergency room after she was called to come to the day care right away. She found her four month old baby covered in bite marks.

"He wasn't crying. He wasn't really moving. He was just kind of there, " said Betancourt.


October 1, 2015

Dash cam captures moment when bear spray canister explodes in vehicle

Dash cam captures moment when bear spray canister explodes in vehicle - See more at: http://m.news965.com/news/news/local/dash-cam-captures-moment-when-bear-spray-canister-/nnrJH/#sthash.tj7fAYth.dpuf

Imagine your on your way for a camping trip with your significant other and one of the most important pieces of your gear malfunctions inside your vehicle.
It's probably not the worst scenario one could imagine, unless that piece of gear is bear spray.

That's exactly what happened in this viral video posted to YouTube.

It's a dash cam video that shows the vehicle in heavy traffic. You can hear the driver and passenger talking when all of a sudden, there's a loud BANG.

October 1, 2015

New mom touched by kindness from stranger on plane

We got on the plane at 5:30 AM it was very quiet.

I noticed that the 2 seats next to me were taken and this couple looked very annoyed and I could tell by their body language that they weren't thrilled about sitting next to Rylee.

Of course I'm already stressing and then Rylee started crying when we were just getting ready to taxi.

I decided to ask the other flight attendant if I could move up 2 rows where there were 2 empty seats next to each other and I'd have more room to do stuff.

She said yes and next thing I know I was sitting next to this amazing woman!

I'm not sure if she could tell how stressed and upset I looked or what, but she turned our day completely around.

Rylee wouldn't stop crying ....so she asked if I would mind if she tried and of course I let her.
As soon as she had her, Rylee was looking out the window and stopped crying.

When we got in the air she fell right asleep and slept in her lap the whole flight until we got to our gate.



September 30, 2015

Cops stop van overflowing with marijuana

Pictured: California deputies bust minivan overflowing with 100LBS of marijuana
Sutter County Sheriff's Deputies pulled over the minivan in Pleasant Grove Monday for running a stop sign
Three men jumped out and ran towards a rice field
Sergio Sanchez Paz and Tony Le, both 23 years old, have been arrested on marijuana charges; the third suspect remains at large

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3255077/Pictured-California-deputies-bust-minivan-overflowing-100LBS-marijuana.html#ixzz3nFgm1dVg
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September 29, 2015

Once a year, Paris opens its subway tunnels and skyscrapers, its bakeries and housing projects.

The Unlocked City
Once a year, Paris opens its subway tunnels and skyscrapers, its bakeries and housing projects. Every city should do this.
PARIS—A little past midnight on a Friday night earlier this month, I waited on the silent, rain-soaked rue du Cherche-Midi for the door at No. 8 to swing open, hoping my name was really on the list. As I entered, the corridor smelled of baking butter crust, and the room where we left our coats was hung with two-dozen paintings of bread and lit by a chandelier made of baked dough. When Pierre Poilâne opened his bakery here in 1932, this was a neighborhood of artists, and they bartered their talent for his 4-pound loaves. The lighting fixture is a replica of one that Pierre’s son, Lionel Poilâne, built with Salvador Dali in the ’60s, when the artist ordered a room made of bread.

In a country with 35,000 bakeries, Poilâne is supreme. Its round sourdough miches, dough colored like cafe au lait, crust signed with a P, are flown every morning to aficionados around the world. Shortly after 12:30 on Saturday morning, Lionel’s daughter Apollonia Poilâne, the 31-year-old scion of the family business, led a dozen visitors down a steep flight of stone stairs to the vaulted underground baking chamber. A baker was cutting out the dough for the morning’s first batch. Poilâne released a set of metal catches and opened the wood-fired oven, which has the footprint of a small bedroom. It burns every minute of the day, every day of the year.

The occasion for our visit was an annual weekend festival, European Heritage Days, for which tens of thousands of typically inaccessible sites across the continent open to visitors. Like Poilâne, it is a French export; the event began here in 1984. And as with Poilâne, there’s no place to appreciate it like Paris.

Here, European Heritage Days is the rare citywide event that has no chief sponsor, no laminated VIP passes, and no economic justification. Rather, its aims are spiritual—which makes it hard to gauge its success. In France at large, the French minister of culture reported that 17,000 sites opened their doors this year, mostly for free, to 12 million people—a fifth of the country. In Paris, the participation rate is surely lower because there’s so much else to do. On that Saturday, the annual Techno Parade, which drew 300,000 revelers, was much more conspicuous.


September 29, 2015

Woman freed from locked shed in CA after year of torture, officials say

Now authorities say the woman’s brother and his girlfriend tortured the woman for nearly a year.

Elias Abdurahman, 61, and Sara Kebede Tadesse, 50, are set to be arraigned Tuesday on charges of torture, imprisonment, assault and abuse, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. The couple allegedly used a cane to beat the woman.

The Lancaster couple was arrested Sept. 22 and accused of tormenting and locking up the 54-year-old woman for the past year.

The woman was frail, emaciated and covered in fresh and old wounds when deputies found her Sept. 22 inside the shed in the backyard of a home in the 45000 block of East 2nd Street, the district attorney’s office said. Deputies went to the home after reports of screaming.

September 29, 2015

Deep fried guacamole. 2015 new Fair food

This year Boghosian introduced deep-fried guacamole. He sold 20,000 orders of the fried avocado-based dip, plus 20,000 bacon-wrapped pickles, 10,000 bacon-wrapped chicken legs and 7,000 Krispy Kreme triple-decker burgers.

September 29, 2015

Virginia cop pulls black man over, instructs him to turn his back then Tasers him for no reason

Virginia cop instructs black man to turn his back — then Tasers him for no reason

WATCH: Virginia cop instructs black man to turn his back — then Tasers him for no reason

A Virginia police officer is under investigation for Tasering a black man during a stop without provocation, WUSA9 is reporting.

In a video posted to Facebook, that officer can be seen aiming his Taser at the man and instructing him to turn around and place his hands on the police cruiser.

Once the man complies, the officer then Tasers him, causing him to scream and crumple to the ground as the officer stands over him still aiming his weapon and yelling at him to roll over.

An onlooker can be heard yelling at the cop, “What’d you do that for?”

According to the man who shot the video, the cop had no reason to use his weapon.

Witness captures video of Virginia cop taking down a man with a stun gun who isn't resisting arrest
Incident occurred in Fairfax County, Virginia
Man has his back turned to the officer when he is tasered
Police said on Sunday they had launched an internal investigation
The suspect was charged with larcen

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3252168/Witness-captures-video-Virginia-cop-taking-man-stun-gun-isn-t-resisting.html#ixzz3n6uCywbP
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September 29, 2015

Miracle koala

I slammed my brakes on but another car was behind me, so there was no choice but to hit the koala.

"I drove home, feeling upset that I'd killed a koala.

"Once I got home and pulled into the garage I turned on the light to see the damage.

I turned around, saw a koala and just screamed."

Ms Davis, who named the koala after the British survival expert Bear Grylls, said the koala was a bit grumpy after his journey and growled every time she got near.

She locked him in the garage and he managed to pull himself out of the grille and on to blankets and towels laid out by the driver under the koala's head and arm

The animal only had minor scratches and was well enough to be released back into the wild following a few days of care by local koala rescue service Fauna Rescue.

September 29, 2015

Maine Mayor Wants To Publish Names, Addresses Of People On Welfare, length of time on assistance

A welfare bill so extreme not even Paul LePage likes it.

Robert Macdonald is the mayor of Lewiston, Maine, and he wants everyone to know who's on welfare and where they live.

In a column for a local paper last week, the mayor of Maine's second-largest city proposed an online registry of welfare recipients. He said he would submit legislation to the Maine State Legislature "asking that a website be created containing the names, addresses, length of time on assistance and the benefits being collected by every individual on the dole."

In addition to likely running afoul of federal rules, Macdonald's idea doesn't seem to be getting much local support. Macdonald had sent copies of his legislation to state Sens. Eric Brakey (R) and Nate Libby (D) in hopes they'd introduce it before a Friday deadline, but both offices told The Huffington Post they had passed on the idea.

"I don't think there's that much appetite for this sort of thing in the Maine Senate," Mario Moretto, spokesman for Maine Senate Democrats, said in an interview.


“[O]ur liberal, progressive legislators and their social-service allies have made them a victimized, protected class,” the mayor complained. “It’s none of your business how much of your money they get and spend. Who are you to question it? Just shut up and pay!”

“Well, the days of being quiet are gone,” he continued. “We will be submitting a bill to the next legislative session asking that a website be created containing the names, addresses, length of time on assistance and the benefits being collected by every individual on the dole. After all, the public has a right to know how its money is being spent.”

MacDonald said that he would submit other bills to cap welfare payments at 60 months for a lifetime, and to stop any child from receiving benefits if the child was born into a family already on welfare.

Maine Democrats pointed out on Thursday that MacDonald’s welfare registry plan would be in violation of federal law.


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