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Name: Don't share too much over the internet
Gender: Male
Hometown: Neptune
Home country: Solar System
Current location: Triton
Member since: Sat Jan 13, 2007, 04:16 PM
Number of posts: 6,751

Journal Archives

An open letter to both Biden and Bernie Supporters

Hello all! I'm a Bernie Sanders supporter. With a heavy heart I am changing my signature support to "Undecided".

I support the ideals that Senator Sanders advocates. I know that many Biden supporters are also with me in this. I will support Biden to full extent possible as we move towards the end of the primaries and the Presidency in the fall.

It is time for us to come together as one voice. We share in more ways that we differ. I admit that after Super Tuesday I was quite bitter and still am to some extent. Nevertheless, I can move beyond that to fully endorse the democratic candidate for the Presidency. That will inevitably not be Bernie Sanders and will likely be Joe Biden.

I will continue to strongly advocate for my ideals. Foremost and clearly relevant given the current frightening medical situation is Universal Health Care. Call it "Medicare for all", "Single Payer", or "Socialized Medicine" but it is past time that the United States join the rest of the Industrialized world in this matter. I will push the Biden administration hard on this point. And because he will actually be my President, I have hope that I will be heard.

To Sanders supporters and the Senator himself, it is now past time to suspend your campaign. Yes, we must continue to push the issues that are critically important. It is now time to rally as one and suspend our campaign. It was a good run and had the situation been slightly different, the tables could well be turned in Sanders favor. That is not the reality in which we are living.

Hope and Peace

Strongly strongly agree but ... the

mainstream of this discussion apparently doesn't think so. They have not learned a single lesson from the past and apparently want to try the "our way or the highway" failed strategy yet again.

If I say anymore this post might get hidden. It still might get hidden. The Bernie bashing is beyond the tier but they don't see it.

Reality bits ...

so fucking true and karma is true just not what you expect. Holy fucking shit! Here we go folks. No fucking leader and into the deep

I mean really? Could the simulators have dreamed of a more amazing game?

An Open Letter to Mainstream Dems

This letter is an honest expression of some problems that I have seen for many years. I am basically an Elizabeth Warren supporter. However, I am now leaning strongly towards Bernie and the Bernie bashing here actually moves me closer not further from him. In addition, it appears that Warren is not viable as the progressive candidate so, despite wishing that a woman could lead the ticket, I am swinging towards Bernie.

For as many election cycles as I can remember (I'm 62 so I voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976) the left has been asked to stand aside and "support the mainstream" because the alternative was much worse. While this has no doubt been true, the left has been taken for granted. That may now be changing.

Bernie may, in fact, win big on Super Tuesday. Buttigeig's withdraw may alter that calculus, but I doubt by as much as the mainstreamers hope it will.

If he wins and it becomes clear that he has a path to the nomination, we expect your whole support. Your lack there of will be remembered for many election cycles. When it is time to get on the train we expect the same dedication from you that we have shown when the tables where turned towards your candidates.

I apologize if you feel that I have disrespected the mainstream. Realize that it comes from having been marginalized and disrespected for decades not just this once. The American electorate is not what you believe it is nor is it what the pundits believe it is. If 2016 taught us anything, I hope we learned at least that.

Good luck and let it be known that I will fully support ANY democratic ticket versus Donald Trump. Will you do the same?

Thoughts on the Iran crises from a peace activist

In the midst of a political crisis and the impeachment soap opera, we have the Iran crisis.

I agree that this situation is very serious. In my honest opinion, the trouble is that what we don't know. What we do know is the Trump administration is hopelessly corrupt, disorganized and irrational. We have no reason to trust anything that the administration says.

For this reason, it is essential that we listen carefully to the democratic congress after they have been briefed. If they come away unsatisfied (we will need to judge carefully who is reliable in this regard) then we have a very serious problem.

It seems to me that the administration is making up for past failures. They did not respond to the Iranian attack of the Saudi oil fields along with attacks on US bases in Iraq. Trump was presented with the assignation of Gen. Qasem Soleimani as a way to save face. He took it.

This is only a working hypothesis but we have no reason to discount it nor do we have reason to accept the administration's claims of an imminent attack.

We are in crises and yes, war may result. I personally view it as less likely. Most likely the Iranians will respond with a terrorist attack on US interests and the administration will respond in kind. This situation will await a wiser and more measured leader which we have to elect in 2020.

I disagree

I think you picked the wrong boogie man.

Yes, the right is completely and totally unacceptable. Since the Republfucks can't govern we are going to have to learn to. Eventually it means building a consensus majority big enough to fully defeat and discredit them. On that day we will need the far left. "How can we bring them to our side?" is the question we should be asking IMO. Obama was able to do it - Hillary and Gore were not. (Though Gore was somewhat more successful than Hillary.) There was a reason for that. Sorry if it makes you feel bad but it is the truth. We are going to have to get over our devastating defeat in 2016 and pull it together. The nation depends on it.

It is wrong to single out the far left. I think some think we should have "had their votes" but I'm not sure we ever did regardless of candidate. If we had had an Obama maybe but someone like that only comes around once in 100 years or so.

Received a death threat on another (non-political) site tonight

It scared the shit out of me. All I did was respond to a post about "chess and the election". The article said that the choice was hard. I responded in the comments that "no it wasn't" Someone then posted that I was right and it was obvious that Trump was the correct but flawed choice. I obviously responded that that was the opposite of what I meant by saying that the choice was obvious and that Trump was a danger and that I opposed him with every fiber of my being.

As a result I received the following threat (from a different poster) on my home page:

What a politically correct cunnt u are!!! either get on the trump train or hang on a tree!! u probably anyways gonna hang, cause ur points of view are a mental disease!!! and it doesnt seem like u guys are gonna get healed soon... so have fun with that bullet in ur head...........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahhahhHAHAHAHHA

I took it as a threat. Not a direct one but it scared me. I have contacted the site administrators and they have revoked the guys right to post. Unfortunately, they didn't revoke his right to play which I disagree with.

I'm posting this to REMIND EVERYONE TO LIMIT YOUR INTERNET FOOTPRINT. These assholes are real and this situation is very real. We need to remember to be careful. I have since removed several location identifying information from that site. I never post my location for public view but I innocently did on this site because I considered it non-political and thus safe. It was not!

Something in the pit of my stomach keep telling me things were not alright on Nov. 8th

I really may never understand this. My conscious mind said that everything was fine. Hillary would win. My vote was part of Hillary's insurance in Michigan and all would be as we here had envisioned. But something in my gut knew otherwise.

I don't know why my feelings knew when my head didn't but I remember being quite nervous about watching the returns. Even not turning on the TV until a little after 8pm dreading what that little voice of concern was telling me, and, in a sense, delaying what my emotions seemed to know was inevitable.

My mind settled a bit as the first returns looked normal though tilted a little more red than I had anticipated. The feeling of dread even subsided a bit as Virginia and the East coast seemed to be coming in blue as expected. I looked forward to the election viewing ending in about an hour, early enough for me to get a good night's sleep before teaching Wednesday.

Then it started... I began to realize that Florida was falling red and then the real punch - Michigan was looking too red for comfort. I texted my daughter (who now lives in Minnesota) with the message that we were "in trouble in Michigan" and it has been downhill from there. I didn't sleep at all that night. I taught my classes through a cloud of deep depression on a shoestring of energy.

How did my feelings know there was trouble while my mind insisted that there was not? What was that all about? Anyone have any ideas? My dad says it was our "collective unconscious." I've never held that view as I'm educated as a physicist. But I really don't understand why I was so anxious November 8th before any indication of trouble. What did I know that I didn't know that I knew?

Boeing 787 does near vertical takeoff! Cool video

I get motion sickness so i would not have wanted to be aboard but this is a cool video.

I wonder if they've cured the orginal battery fire problems with this aircraft yet?

It certainly is fun and interesting to speculate

My expectation is that if we survive at all as a species we will start to have smaller brains and become more docile. To put it another way "tame." Our ancestors had to fight to stay alive. We have to be tame and docile to stay alive. And we now have silicon to do our thinking for us so I'm guessing we will begin to stop doing that (thinking that is.) My prediction is that fairly soon we will all be slaves to silicon intelligence of significantly higher thinking levels than our own. What will they think about? - We have absolutely NO idea. Maybe the silicon brains will be obsessed with how many "tame humans" they can enslave at their keyboards.

In a sense the part about becoming slaves to silicon intelligences has already happened. Think of how many first world workers spend their days hunched over a computer terminal working to make silicon brains function in one way or another. Think of how much money and human effort goes into to servicing the Wall Steet gangs need to make "money." But what the hell is that kind of money anyway? Economists would say that money is debt but debt to what for what purpose and to whom? Is it to make larger and more efficient silicon brains already?? I mean when you really think about it - what the hell is it that the Wall Street traders do all day and are so frantic about? It is quite bizzare behavior from several perspectives.

These trends I expect will occur IF we survive at all. I do not think that our survival for even the next 1000 years is a safe bet. And actually the odds on the next 100 are not that great either as we observe several trends reach critical levels.

If we survive, I am not optimistic about the version of ourselves that will move genetically into the future. As Noam Chomsky often says, "We don't know if the instinct for freedom is real." I guess I'm a pessimist but I hope that I am wrong.
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