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Member since: Fri Feb 2, 2007, 11:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,249

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Gauging support for Bernie in 2020

I'm curious where support for Bernie Sanders stands now compared with 2016.

As with any OP concerning Bernie, this one requires a few caveats in order to avoid any actual or claimed misunderstanding:

1) This poll focuses on Bernie since he's the only candidate who ran in the 2016 Democratic primaries who is likely to run again in 2020.

2) This poll assumes that, regardless whether you support Bernie in the primaries, if he's the eventual nominee, you will vote for him.

*Responses 1 and 3 edited to read "am open to voting for him ..."

What Leah Said About 2020

I don't have a candidate yet; waiting for the field to settle AND I need to do some homework on their positions.

That said, here are some non-starters:
1. non Democrats. You wanna lead the Party, you gotta be a member of the Party. Period. The End.
2. candidates who've ever uttered a sentence that includes the phrase or sentiment: Hillary Clinton lost because she didn't talk to white working class voters.
3. candidates who announce a non-representative senior staff. I mean representative of the people whose votes make up the Democratic party. After all, personnel is policy. PS: diversity means more than white women.
4. candidates with no evidence of a race / sex analysis in their background
5. candidates with bad, unrepentant race /sex analysis in their background
6. candidates who release "what's on my spotify" lists that include any music by RKelly.

I'll be skipping right on past these folks.


Trump got his wall ...


There goes the neighborhood ...


Am I the only one who thinks that now that it's HIS turn in the barrell, Mr. Big Stuff Roger Stone

will collapse like a house of cards, cry like a baby, and sing like a bird?

That face you make after Nancy gets through with you ...

I'm tired of commentators saying Pelosi is showing female candidates how to run against Trump

They’ve been saying it all day. Just now on Hardball, a talking head, prompted by Chris Matthews, went on and on about how she showed a female candidate just needs to be tough and focused, blah blah blah.

Now y’all know I absolutely LOVE me some Nancy Pelosi. But come on. She’s not showing women how to behave - women a have been doing this for years. And that’s exactly how Hillary Clinton ran against - and beat - Donald Trump in 2016.

I suspect that this “Nancy Pelosi is showing women how it’s done” is really a veiled slap at Hillary.

I call bullshit.

NYTimes: Joe Biden's Paid Speech Buoyed the G.O.P. in Midwest Battleground

What do y'all think about this?

Joseph R. Biden Jr. swept into Benton Harbor, Mich., three weeks before the November elections, in the midst of his quest to reclaim the Midwest for Democrats. He took the stage at Lake Michigan College as Representative Fred Upton, a long-serving Republican from the area, faced the toughest race of his career.

But Mr. Biden was not there to denounce Mr. Upton. Instead, he was collecting $200,000 from the Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan to address a Republican-leaning audience, according to a speaking contract obtained by The New York Times and interviews with organizers. The group, a business-minded civic organization, is supported in part by an Upton family foundation.

Mr. Biden stunned Democrats and elated Republicans by praising Mr. Upton while the lawmaker looked on from the audience. Alluding to Mr. Upton’s support for a landmark medical-research law, Mr. Biden called him a champion in the fight against cancer — and “one of the finest guys I’ve ever worked with.”

Mr. Biden’s remarks, coming amid a wide-ranging discourse on American politics, quickly appeared in Republican advertising. The local Democratic Party pleaded with Mr. Biden to repair what it saw as a damaging error, to no avail. On Nov. 6, Mr. Upton defeated his Democratic challenger by four and a half percentage point.

Anybody have the nerve to call NDP too old now?

And if you say yes, I dare you to tell her that to her face ...

The men in her caucus who tried to take NDP down should be breathing a sigh of relief tonight

They can see she went pretty easy on them ... at least they still have their drawers ...

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