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Member since: Fri Feb 2, 2007, 11:43 PM
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SOTU address and Super Bowl are both National Special Security Events less than 1 week apart

Even in normal times, two such events less than a week apart are an incredible strain on our security apparatus and resources. But in a government shutdown, it's a nightmare.

Although it's unlikely the Super Bowl would be cancelled except under the most critical circumstances, I suspect that, if the average America had to choose between cancelling the Super Bowl for security reasons and postponing the SOTU address over similar concerns, they would definitely choose the latter.

Reality about SOTU: There is no requirement that it be given on or before Jan 29

The State of the Union message need be given only "from time to time" buy not on any date certain or at any specific intervals.

So Trump can point to no rationale for refusing to wait until the government opens up to give it. He has no pressing information that must be delivered to Congress on or before January 29 - especially since half of the branch he would deliver it to is saying, "Naw. We're good. We can wait."

EXCLUSIVE: Video of Clemson players dining at the White House yesterday


UPDATED: Steve King Loses House Committee Seats Over White Supremacy Remark

House Republican leaders removed Representative Steve King of Iowa from the Judiciary and Agriculture Committees on Monday night as the party officials scrambled to appear tough on racism and contain damage from comments Mr. King made to The New York Times questioning why white supremacy is considered offensive.

The punishment came on a day when Mr. King’s own party leadership moved against him, with the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, suggesting Mr. King find “another line of work” and Senator Mitt Romney saying he should quit. In an attempt to be proactive, the House Republicans stripped him of his committee seats in the face of multiple Democratic resolutions to censure Mr. King that are being introduced this week.

Those measures will force Republicans to take a stand on whether to go along with the House Democratic majority’s attempt to publicly reprimand one of their own.

Further proof of Hillary's dignity, patriotism and commitment to the rule of law

As a former Secretary of State and a political candidate receiving top level briefings, Hillary Clinton surely knew much more than she was saying about Russian interference in the election and Trump's complicity in it. But given the top-secret nature of this information, she could not reveal it without violating all manner of security protocols and possibly jeopardizing the investigation and national security.

So she did her best to try to warn us within the parameters she could work with.

Had she been as craven, self-serving, and evil as Trump, she surely would have used this information to her advantage and would have revealed it regardless of any national security implications in order to secure a victory. But, instead, she stayed true to her oath and her commitment and did not exploit her inside information.

But that doesn't mean she didn't do her best to sound the alarm. The warnings she gave us were more than enough to alert the vast majority of Americans to the impending danger we faced ... But sadly, she was ignored by too many. Because emails or likeability or corporatist or something

She warned us.

I have a feeling this week's gonna be a doozy

The Rev. Dr. Barber offers an illustration of white privilege

(If you're tempted to jump in to explain why this is something other than white privilege, please don't ...)

Ocasio-Cortez calls out watered-down euphemisms for white supremacy


Nancy Pelosi's purse

Umm - what's wrong with dis picture?

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