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Member since: Fri Feb 2, 2007, 11:43 PM
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One of the many things I love about being black - no Trump family members at Thanksgiving

One of the really nice things about being black, is the fact that the odds have worked in my favor and I don't have to worry about any Trumpster family at Thanksgiving dinner.

In fact, unlike the ordeals I see described by so many of my white friends and acquaintances who are struggling to get through these days they must spend with MAGA family members, family holidays for me represent a wonderful, comfortable and safe respite from the madness. NONE of us can stand Trump and the only thing we disagree on is how long it will be before he's gone.

The dearth of black Trump supporters and the fact that most white people who marry into a black family are unlikely to be Trump fans means that we don't have to deal with any crazy Trump mess over the holidays - even if a random MAGA cult member happened to slip in and tried to start some sh*t, they'd get laughed away from the table so fast, they wouldn't know what hit them.

Trust me - you don't know shame until you've been laughed at loud as hell by everyone at Grandma's dinner table. And the only reason you'd still get any dinner at all - probably in the living room on a tv tray - is because Grandma tells everyone "Now, y'all leave that poor child alone. He never did have the sense God gave a string bean, but he DOES need to eat something."

Lesson One for the Anti-Pelosi Brigade

This ainít Nancyís first rodeo.

Why are andidates who promised to oppose Pelosi to lure conservative Dems and moderate Republicans

now being supported by Dems who claim Pelosi needs to go to make room for more progressive leadership?

Doesnít make a lick of sense.

Címon, people.

RBG: Badass

Thing that makes me go "Mmmm?"

We keep hearing folks - so-called progressives, no less - say we have no room for error and now's not the time to go all diversified and take risks so we'd better go with a white guy as our nominee and keep minorities and women in the background, telling them to wait a few more years before they emerge into the center ring.

But ...

When it comes to the Speakership, we need to push aside the strongest and surest person for the job so we can disrupt and go all new blood, fresh face, because the future or something.

Mmmmm ... This seems inconsistent, but on closer examination, I see it's actually VERY consistent, after all.

A black woman has won the seat once held by Gingrich and which a white man could not win last spring

So, please spare us the "we'd better not run a minority or woman because only a white man can save us right now" excuses for perpetuating institutional racism.

And don't point to Abrams and Gillum as examples of how minorities and women can't win. Their races are not over yet, but win or lose, they've come closer to beating a Republican in ruby red states than any white man has come in decades. Oh ... and their opponents had to cheat their asses off just to stay competitive.

White men lose elections ALL the time but no one suggests that means other white men shouldn't run. But when female and darker folk lose to white men, that's held up as proof that women and minorities are a drag on the party and white men must be given MORE opportunities to run.

On the other hand, when white men lose to women and people of color, it's treated as an aberration that means nothing outside of that particular race. The fact that the last three presidential elections were won by a black man and a woman yet we're being told a white man must be our standard bearer if we want to win in 2020 being the glaring case in point.

The bullshit Great White Male Hope argument not only is plainly racist and sexist, no matter how it's couched, it completely ignores the fact that women and minorities kicked ass all over the country this week while a whole bunch of white men have egg all over their faces. Maybe instead of insisting that only white men can save us, we should be gearing up to run women and black and brown folk since THEY seem to be the winning tickets.

So, let me get this straight, DU

Just this morning, we have threads calling for Nancy Pelosi to be replaced, even though she just led an historic Democratic takeover of the House and for our 2020 nominee not to be a woman or person of color supposedly because of the Electoral College (even though a woman and a black man won the popular vote in the last three elections and the black man won both the popular vote AND Electoral College TWICE).

Am I in the right place?

Hey, Tim Ryan: Instead of talking smack about Nancy Pelosi, shouldn't you work on your own backyard?

Democrats across the country had a great night and took back the House and many governorships and state legislatures, thanks largely to Nancy Pelosi. But your own state of Ohio contributed nothing to that effort. In fact, it was pretty much a bloodbath so bad that, along with Florida, it actually helped take the shine off of what was otherwise an historic Democratic victory. You couldn't even deliver your own state but you think that YOU should take the gavel from Pelosi because ... what ... new leadership or something?

Go sit yourself down and be quiet. You're making me laugh and we need to be serious.

Last night showed us midterms are won on the ground, district by district, not at the national lev

We often hear people demand that Dems put up charismatic rock stars who will flog a nationalized message. But most of the Democratic rock stars who got big national media attention lost last night while many of the less exciting candidates who plodded along, often nearly under the radar, with a localized message did well.

I don't know how that will play out in 2020, given the different dynamics in a presidential year, but it was an interesting phenomenon to watch last night.

Tonight showed us that the more Trumpian a Republican is, the better their political fortunes

Lord help us all.
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