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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
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To those insisting that we "reach out to" and "understand" Trump supporters, let me break it down

You seem to assume that no one has tried to understand or reach out to Trump supporters until now. But we've understood and have been reaching out to them for years. The problem is that they've ignored us.

I've probably interacted with and reached out to more Trump voters and supporters over the years than many have. And, based on my experience, I've come to believe that the great majority of Trump supporters are not worth wasting any further effort on because they know exactly what they're doing, who they're supporting and what he stands for. They've had more than enough chances to see the light and come around and there's little that anyone can tell them now that will make them change their minds at this point.

I can't tell you how many Trump voters I've talked to who have said such things as, "I know he may be racist, but, I'm interested in the Supreme Court" or "I like his stand on taxes" or "I love that's shaking things up," and such other excuses.

I've so totally lost patience with them and these arguments that I now cut them off as soon as they say, "I know he's a racist ..." and tell them that's all I need to know - and if they know that as well, the only thing they can follow that with is "but that's OK with me."

That really pisses them off because they know it's true but they're ashamed to have to admit that to a black woman - because, you know, they're so not racist. And they're not sure how they can get around the fact that acknowledging they are supporting a bigot means they really should stop supporting him but they don't want to stop. And if they continue to support him after being confronted with his racism, how can they continue going around pretending they're open-minded decent people? They can't.

So, instead, they insist that their reasons for supporting him are sufficient to outweigh his racism - as if racism is just any other bug that can be overcome by other features. And they're surely more than grateful for the cover they're given by apologists like some people on DU who fall all over themselves defending them by going on the offensive to attack fellow Democrats for having the NERVE to even SUGGEST that these poor people are bigots or bigot enablers, but are just confused and misunderstood.

Bullshit. Most of them are neither confused nor misunderstood. They know Trump and a critical mass of his supporters are racist. They've seen the evidence every day for years, but they ignore it. They've heard their friends and co-workers and neighbors and favorite athletes and others tell them the pain and fear and danger this man causes us and beg them PLEASE don't help him do this to us, but they turned their backs. They know all this. THEY JUST DON'T CARE.

We can argue about the reasons they claim to abhor racism but don't care about it when it actually occurs. Frankly. I've lost interest in their reasons. All I know is what they DO. And what they've done and continue to do is tolerate and defend a dangerous, vicious racist despite nearly three years of entreaties from minorities that they stand with us, not them.

So don't tell me that I just need to reach out to them and understand them. We've been reaching out to them for years and they slapped our hands away. As is always expected of minorities, I've reached out to them far more than they've ever bothered to reach out to us. I don't need to learn to understand them and certainly don't need to be lectured by some misguided apologists about the need to understand them. I understand them perfectly well. And for that reason, I don't care to waste any more time or effort on them.

Where's the concern about "turning off" minority voters?

We are awash in OPs and posts in which folk carry on about how counter-productive, foolhardy, short-sighted, etc. it is to risk offending Trump supporters by not making it a priority to reach out to them.

Yet not one of these advocates seems the least bit concerned that minority Democratic voters are deeply offended, insulted, disgusted at the spectacle of our supposed allies in a party that we have busted our asses to build and support not only chasing around after people who are complicit in turning our country over to avowed racists and their racist king-boy, but completely dismiss, ignore and even attack our entreaties that they stop doing kicking us in the face.

You know we can see and hear you, right?

Why is it that Trump supporters' feelings are sacrosanct, but ours just don't matter?

Minority voters, not Trump voters, are key to Dem victory. Why else is GOP suppressing their votes?

Republicans are pulling out all the stops, enacting laws, changing rules, reducing voting hours and locations, making it difficult and impossible to get voter IDs, etc. to keep minority voters from casting ballots and getting their votes counted. You think they’re doing this because they think they don’t matter?

Duh - they’re doing it because they KNOW that black and brown Democrats, if mobilized and protected and gotten to the polls will turn this mother out for us. And focusing on these voters is a hell of a lot easier and more effective than chasing around after Trump voters begging them to vote for Democrats and hoping they actually do it.

Republicans know that the minority vote is absolutely essential to a blue wave election. The question is why don’t the “Be nice to Trump voters” Dems seem to get it?

What's with the sudden spate of "Leave Trump supporters ALONE!" OP and posts?

We've had this sentiment on DU for many months. But there's been a proliferation in recent days of OPs and responses pushing this demand for sympathy and understanding for Trump supporters and outright attacking fellow Democrats who are reticent to embrace them.

What's up with that?

WaPo: McMaster Out as National Security Adviser

And the hits just keep on coming ...

* Edited to delete reference stating that Bolton is in. According to the Post, Bolton is one possible replacement.


To those still worried about offending Trump supporters because you're hoping to get the to vote Dem

A couple of points -

First, i don't trust anyone who voted for Trump because I don't buy the "they're not racist - they're just economically insecure" excuse since being economically insecure didn't drive other people - especially black and brown ones - to vote for him, so claim that doesn't have much credibility. But even though I didn't trust them, I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt in case they were just clueless or not really paying attention.

But if 14 months later, after the president has done everything short of donning a white hood and marching around a burning cross on the White House lawn, anyone still supports this man, they have proven that they either are perfectly content to have bigots running the country or are bigots themselves. Period. And, as such, they are actively undermining me, my people, my community and my country. That should not only be a deal breaker, it should be a clear signal to us that they are not going to vote Democratic, no matter how much we kiss their ignorant, sorry asses.

Second, you should know that your entreaties not to offend these people is offensive to people like me who make up a large segment of the Democratic base. It is offensive to see our fellow Democrats more concerned about the sensibilities of stupid bigots than ours. It is offensive that you ignore our feelings and concerns while wringing your hands over theirs.

So, please hear this. I don't care if they're offended. I don't care if they never vote Democratic (which they're not going to do anyway). I don't care if we drive them away - in fact, I want them stay far away from me and my party. I. Dont. Care.

But I DO care that people who are on our side don't care that, with each "Everyone who voted for Trump isn't racist, you know" and "Oh, great - keep insulting them. That's a great way to convince them to vote Democratic" and "That may be true, but don't say it because you might offend them", you are kicking your black and brown and other allies in the teeth. Telling us to be nice to people who represent an existential threat to us is insulting and offensive.

Please consider this the next time you tell us to mind our manners around these people or to sit by quietly while you chase after them.

Dear Hillary Censors: Please advise when Hillary will be allowed to speak her thoughts out loud

After this November? Or does she need to wait until after the 2020 Presidential Election? But there will be elections after that and it's possible that if she speaks then, she still might offend a Republican voter sometime in the future, so maybe she'll need to wait longer.

So please let us know when Hillary will be entitled to speak.

Thank you.

(asking for a friend)

Re: Andy McCabe - having the power to fire someone's doesn't mean you can

fire him for improper reasons, such as retaliation, intimidation or to obstruct justice.

If Sessions fires McCabe before Sunday, I hope he sues DOJ before the ink is dry on the termination letter.

Folks need to stop laughing at Trump and calling him incompetent and thinking WH is chaos

If this were chaos, things would be swinging every whichaway. But everything is going all in the same direction toward an authoritarian government centered around him with only people who are perfectly aligned with him in positions of real power.

This is some dangerous stuff we're watching and we're facing real danger. And if we don't take back the House and/or Senate this fall, that danger will be inevitable and likely irreparable.

Stormy Daniels is a badass

She put Trump in a leaky boat, took away the paddles and then pushed him Shit Creek.

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