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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
Number of posts: 14,195

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"White Privilege" explained in three tweets:



Economic insecurity is a blip

https://twitter.com/soledadobrien/status/999858300484308992 https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/999850794122817536

Right Wingers: "You must stop disrespecting our flag!" American Patriots: "Ok, you go first"


The same people who LOVE whitesplaining Dr. King to us HATE when we protest like him

THIS is why we kneel:


The NFL rule requiring players to stand for the National Anthem could be a First Amendment violation

Business decisions by private organizations norrmally don’t trigger First Amendment challenges, HOWEVER ...

It can be reasonably argued that the NFL is carrying out explicit instructions from the president of the United States and, as such, their decision constitutes “state action” sufficient to put the First Amendment into play.

The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly and conclusively held that a private entity can be found to engage in “state action” and, thus subject to provisions of the Constitution, including the First Amendment. Among other things, the Court has ruled that, if the government coerces, influences, or encourages the performance of the act, it is state action. E.g., Blum v. Yaretsky, 457 U.S. 991 (1982); Rendell-Baker v. Kohn, 457 U.S. 830 (1982). “A State normally can be held responsible for a private decision ... when it has exercised coercive power or has provided such significant encouragement that the choice must in law be deemed to be that of the State.” Blum at 1003-1005.

There is no question that, in this instance, the government, through its chief executive, has coerced, influenced and encouraged the NFL to require players to stand during the National Anthem.

We’ve got receipts.

https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/911911385176723457 https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/911904261553950720

Bishop whose sermon lit up royal wedding to lead White House protest

Bishop whose sermon lit up royal wedding to lead White House protest
Fresh off his star-making sermon at the British royal wedding on Saturday, Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry plans to take part in a candlelight vigil and protest in front of the White House on Thursday.

Curry will be joined by leaders from Christian churches who say they are concerned about a "dangerous crisis of moral and political leadership at the highest levels of our government and in our churches." Those crises, Curry and the other Christian leaders say, put "the soul of the nation and the integrity of faith" at stake.

Organizers say they expect 1,000 people to turn out for a church service before the protest and for the protest itself, to be held on Thursday evening in Lafayette Square, a park across the street from the White House.

"This weekend I spoke about the way of love. As elders, we view bringing the Reclaiming Jesus declaration to the public square as a tangible example of how to live out that way of love," Curry said, referring to a statement, called "Reclaiming Jesus," endorsed by progressive Christian leaders who lament the rise of political partisanship and the marginalization of vulnerable communities.


GO, Stacey!

Congratulations, sister-girl!

Georgia Election: Stacey Abrams wins Democratic primary
Former House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams won the Democratic nomination for Georgia’s top office on Tuesday, defeating ex-state Rep. Stacey Evans and advancing her quest to become the nation’s first black female governor.

She will face one of five Republicans in November in the race to succeed Gov. Nathan Deal, a competition that will test whether the state is truly competitive after more than a decade of GOP rule.
The Democrats largely abandoned centrist talk to appeal instead to left-leaning voters with a promise of implementing gun control, increasing financial aid for lower-income families and taking steps toward the decriminalization of marijuana.

That’s a stark contrast from more moderate appeals from a generation of Democratic candidates for governor, who often sought the National Rifle Association’s endorsement and touted fiscally conservative policies.

They are echoing many in the party’s base who insisted on that shift. Claudia Colichon, who lives in north Atlanta, said she demands candidates who embrace mass transit funding and fight for gun control.

“There needs to be a progressive change,” said Colichon. “People are seeing that conservative policies aren’t working.”


What if you you switched colors at midnight?

In his book, "Two Nations: Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal," political scientist, author and professor Andrew Hacker describes an interesting experiment he conducts with his classes using the following parable:

You will be visited tonight by an official you have never met. He begins by telling you that he is extremely embarrassed. The government has made a huge mistake, something that hardly ever happens. According to his records, he goes on, you were supposed to have been born black: to another set of parents, far from where you were raised.

However, the rules being what they are, this error must be rectified, and as soon as possible. So at midnight tonight, you will become black. And this will mean not simply a darker skin, but the bodily and facial features associated with African ancestry. However, inside you will be the person you always were. Your memories, knowledge, and ideas will remain intact. Outwardly, people will identify you as a black woman or man.

Your visitor emphasizes that being born to the wrong parents was in no way your fault and you will continue to know your family--but you also have a new Black family.

Because of the government's error, his office is prepared to offer you some reasonable recompense. Would you, he asks, care to name a sum of money you might consider appropriate? While his budget is large, you must justify the sum of money you request. He finishes by saying that their records show that you are scheduled to live another fifty years -- as a black man or woman in America.

1. How much financial recompense would you request?

2. What is your justification for this amount?


White DUers: If you were to be visited by this government official and told that you would, at midnight, change from white to black under the above conditions, but would be offered compensation, how much financial recompense would you request and why?

DUers of Color: If you were to be visited by this government official and told that you would, at midnight, change from a person of color to white under these conditions, but would be offered compensation, how much financial recompense would you request and why?

Maxine Waters (D-Kickass) is every black person who is sick of being told to stop talking about race

"No, I do not yield one second to you. Not ONE SECOND."


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