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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
Number of posts: 14,195

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Tweet of the Day


John Lewis being John Lewis doing what John Lewis does


God, I love that man!

Trump thinks only dead black men deserve pardons, but shouldn't they also actually be felons?


Peter Daou:"The legacy of the Democratic Party is Hillary's"


Leaked audio from the direct feed of Trump's rendition of ... whatever the hell that was


A Poet Breaks White Privilege All the Way Down ... (WARNING: Graphic Language)

This might make some people uncomfortable, but it's eloquent and beautiful and important - and those who are most uncomfortable with it may be the most in need of hearing it.

(but she doesn't say Wypipo, so maybe it's not so bad . . .)

What happens when your president is as stupid as he is arrogant

He gets all up in the front of the action and then doesn’t know the words and looks like a damned fool.


Nancy Pelosi's critics are right. She IS a "lightning rod"

Lightning Rod
1. a rodlike conductor installed to divert lightning away from a structure by providing a direct path to the ground.
2. a person or thing that attracts and absorbs powerful and especially negative or hostile feelings, opinions, etc., thereby diverting such feelings from other targets:

A lightning rod doesn’t cause or create lightning. It absorbs and deflects already existing lightning to keep it from causing more serious damage.

Nancy Pelosi IS a lightning rod. She’s a smart, savvy, experienced BADASS lightning rod.

Criticizing Clinton for not apologizing to Lewinsky is divisive, so it shouldn't be brought up on DU

I mean, this topic clearly is causing lots of disagreement and people are lining up on different sides of the issue, so doesn't that make it divisive? And if we're not going to allow discussions of certain topics because they're "divisive," we should at least be consistent.

Now, here's a really cute giraffe video we can all watch together:

Poll: When did you last socialize with a person of a different race in their home or yours?

I asked a similar question a few weeks ago and appreciated the honest and insightful responses that people gave. https://www.democraticunderground.com/100210637418

However, because the answers were largely anecdotal, I decided it would be helpful to do a more formal poll to get a sense of what people's experiences, contexts and paradigms are.

So, the question is: When was the last time you socialized with a person of a different color (loosely defined as white or person of color) in your home or theirs? The question breaks down as follows:

1) If you are white, when was the last time you socialized with a person of color (black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, etc.) in your home or theirs?

2) If you are a person of color (black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, etc.), when was the last time you socialized with a white person in their home or yours?

Thanks for responding!
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