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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
Number of posts: 14,157

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They're losing their damned minds in GD-P

They must think we can't read.

That thing you do isn't working to convince black voters not to vote for Hillary

In the film, "That Thing You Do," a young 1960s band is trying to come up with a name. The lead singer, Jimmy wants to call themselves the "ONEders" - pronounced "wonders." "You know, like the BEATles." Jimmy writes it out on a piece of paper and shows it to his bandmate Lenny.

Lenny takes one look at it and says, "It looks like the oh-needers."

Jimmy shakes his head and says, "NO. It's the ONE-ders" and holds up one finger.

Lenny says, "I know. But it looks like the oh-needers."

Jimmy gets exasperated and says, "No! It's ONE-ders!"

and Lenny tells him again, "I know. It looks like the oh-needers."

And, of course, until they change their name to the Wonders halfway through the movie, they keep getting introduced as "The OH-needers."

The Bernie supporters who keep telling black voters over and over and over how awful Hillary Clinton is to and for African Americans remind me of Jimmy:

Majority of Black Voters: We're going to vote for Hillary.

Certain Sanders Supporters: How can you vote for Clinton?! She's AWFUL for black people!

MBV: We don't think she's bad for us. We like her and we''re going to vote for her.

CSS: How CAN you?! Didn't you know that Hillary Clinton SUPPORTED THE CRIME BILL?!

MBV: Yes, we know all about that. But we've decided to vote for her anyway.

CSS: Are you CRAZY?! Didn't you know that Bernie MARCHED WITH DR. KING?!

MBV: Yes, you told.us that. Several times. We're still voting for Hillary.

CSS: What is WRONG with you?! Didn't you know that Bernie was ARRESTED while protesting segregation?!

MBV: That's nice. But you already told us that, too. Still voting for Hillary.

CSS: We don't GET it! Why are you voting for HER? Don't you know that Hillary is REALLY REALLY BAD for black people?!

MBV: You told us that. Still voting for her.


MBV: Yes, we know. Still voting for Hillary.

CSS: What is WITH you?! OK, OK, here's something. MICHELLE ALEXANDER says Hillary's bad for black people and no way should they vote for her! And she's BLACK!!!

MBV: Whatever.. (shaking collective heads and walking away).
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