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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
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Why does legalizing prostitution only seem to come up when prominent men are charged w/solicitation?

And why does there seem to be more concern about the impact being arrested has on the lives of the johns than the impact of being bought has on the women they paid for?

Prostitution is NOT equivalent to drug use

I've seen some here try to equate the two, but they are not equivalent.

The drug trade traffics in an inanimate product. The product in prostitution are human beings.

No comparison.



While being free on a "signature bond" that requires no cash outlay ... at the same time hundreds of thousands of people (mostly poor and/or black and brown) are locked up in jail awaiting trial because they can't afford cash bail.

Is Bernie likeable?

is a question I have not heard asked once since he announced his candidacy yesterday.


Why are people fine saying comments are anti-Semitic or sexist, etc. but can't say "racist"?

For example, during the controversy over Ilhan Omar's comments this week, whether they were criticizing or defending, everyone used the term "anti-Semitic" - as in they either were anti-Semitic or they weren't anti-Semitic. But unless someone comes out and calls a black person "N!gg3r," the comments are described as "racially insensitive" or one of my new favorites "racially-charged.'"

No one ever says "Semitically insensitive" or "Semitically-charged" or "gender-insensitive," etc.

Why is there such a reluctance to call something racist when there's not a similar apprehension about calling out other forms of isms?

Remember when Jussie Smollett reported being attacked in a horrific anti-gay, anti-black hate crime

and people here questioned his story because he didn't want to give his phone to the police so they could confirm his statement that he was on the phone with his manager at the time of the attack?

And remember when we said that maybe he didn't want to turn over his phone because it had lots of unrelated personal information on it and the police could get the information they wanted through other means, and, besides, he had good reason not to trust the Chicago police, we were told that if he were really telling the truth and had actually been attacked, he should have no problem cooperating with the police - and so his refusal to cooperate with the police on this one particular thing, even if he thought what they were asking was an invasion of his privacy, was proof that he was likely lying about the incident?

Yeah. Me, too.

What Trump really looks like (trigger warning)


Tim Wise on the "Psychological Wage of Whiteness"

This is deep, brilliant, and concise.

Take 3 minutes and watch it all the way through.

Prof. Tribe says "Aaargh!"


What a world in which a high official admittedly guilty of racist conduct is shielded from growing calls for resignation by credible accusations of rape against the guy in line to replace him if he steps down, and by a confession of racist conduct by the second-in-line. Aarrgh!

I notice the GOP members are going out of their way to interrupt the black female committee members

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