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Can we trash Trump for being married to a woman who puts up with him?

I mean, if we can go after Hillary for "enabling" her husband's bad behavior . . .

Does it seem the women reporters covering Trump feel "unshackled" to tell the truth about him?

I've noticed in the past year that whenever some of the women reporters covering the Trump campaign tried to speak honestly about what is really going on around Trump, they were shut down pretty quickly by the anchors. Katie Tur of MSNBC, in particular, frequently tried to call out the despicable behavior of Trump and his supporters when she covered his rallies. I remember, for example, one night about six months ago when she started talking about the dysfunction of the campaign - how reporters were penned in, not allowed near the candidate, loud music blasted on the ropeline so they couldn't hear what he said to his supporters and vice versa - she was shut down but quick.

But lately, Tur and several of the other women covering Trump have been much freer to talk about the reality of Trump world and they are doing it in harsh terms without challenge because not only do they have their facts pinned down perfectly after months of direct observation, the anchors and other reporters know they're telling the truth.

I definitely get the sense that they are actually relieved that they're finally being listened to at long last ...
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