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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
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As a black loyal Democrat, I say SCREW the white working class who insist on voting Republican

Screw them and leave them to themselves.

If I hear one more person insist that those folks aren't bigots but are just misguided souls who don't understand that they are voting against their interests and we must be patient and not antagonize them and especially don't get them riled up by being too obvious with our "identity politics" (i.e., acting like women and people of color are a valuable part of the coalition). Bullshit. They may be voting against their ECONOMIC interests, but they have other interests, too, interests that obviously substantially outweigh those economic concerns and they vote THOSE interests over and over. And its obvious that those interests are, for the most part, directly antithetical to mine. And the only way to assuage them is to kick me and people like me to the curb.

There are plenty - PLENTY - of Democratic voters who, if treated with even a minimum amount of respect and interest, will vote Democratic and walk through fire for the party. I am sick and tired, after years of loyally supporting the Democrats through thick and thin, even when they take us for granted, hearing some Democrats continue to insist that the party must fall all over itself chasing around after angry white men, racist white working class. Oh yes, yes, I know it's verboten to call them racist - they're just upset and confused and worried about jobs, blah, blah, blah . . . screw that, too. But funny thing - there are plenty of black and brown folk living in those same states facing the same economic woes and THEY didn't vote for Trump. So this isn't about economics.

Black and brown and lots of white voters will vote Democratic but need to be reached, need help overcoming cynicism and distrust (gee, I wonder why they feel that way) and - LISTEN TO THIS - desperately need help fighting and navigating the massive voter suppression that targets us.

So, please spare me having to listen to one more sentence about how we must set aside our interests and help the party attract people who have demonstrated election after election that they have no interest in aligning with a party that embraces us. If you have one group of people voting 50-60% for Trump and the Republicans and another group who vote 90+% for Hillary and the Democrats, why would you go begging the first group to change their minds and come over to our side when you can just reach out and encourage more of the second group who are a sure thing to go to the polls?

So, please. Stop trying to drag bigots into my party. I don't want them and I'm not going to move out of the way to make room for them. So just stop it.
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