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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
Number of posts: 14,195

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THANK you, Joy Reid!

I am certain that the media's recent discovery of their backbones is largely due to Joy Reid's fierce fact-checking and always polite but firm "I don't have time for your bullshit" challenges to lying liars.

It's really nice to see them trying to do better the last couple of days. Let's hope it lasts.

Most obvious, logical but not asked question: "Mr. Trump, why did you avoid serving in the military?

I mean, after all, he SO loves the troops, knows more than generals know and is a brilliant, but extraordinarily discreet military strategist - why didn't he join the military when he had the chance to use those skills to serve the country back when it was still great?

If service members continue to back Trump after his pathetic showing tonight-well, I just don't know

He is an absolute disgrace.

I wish reporters would ask Republican politicians who say they must support Trump because the voters

"If you feel so strongly that you should support a candidate because he represents the will of Republican voters, why haven't you supported President Obama, who was elected by a majority of the entire American electorate?"

Are protesters REALLY trying to shout down John Lewis during his MSNBC interview?

Are you KIDDING me?

And they think anyone needs to continue reaching out to them because they're "grieving?" This doesn't look like grieving to me . . .

We're supposed to believe that the husband of a woman of Hillary Clinton's accomplishments,

who encouraged, supported, defended and stood by his wife for more than 40 years as she broke barrier after barrier, and who on the the night she became the first woman ever nominated for President on a major party ticket, gave her a full-throated, poignant, brilliant, sentimental endorsement somehow demeaned and undermined her because he referred to her in much younger days as a girl?


"In 1971, I met a girl . . ."

Reminded me of Julia Roberts' line in "Notting Hill":

"Don't forget I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her"

I thought it was extraordinarily sweet.

So, MSNBC - stop with the hating, already.

Bernie brought it!

Thank you, Senator!

What do you think the reaction would be if people heckled Bernie during his speech?

Not suggesting it happen - in fact, it would be awful and I would condemn it loudly. But I wonder if those who think heckling Elizabeth and Cummings and other is just a matter of "being heard" would be as open-minded about people "being heard" while Bernie's trying to talk . . .

"When they go low, we go high."

I love this woman with my whole heart.
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