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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
Number of posts: 14,195

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Sarah Silverman: "Bernie or Bust people - You're being ridiculous!"


Nina Turner: "Dem Party needs to acknowledge pain of Sanders supporters." NO, Nina

This is not an encounter session or group therapy. It's a political convention. How long are we supposed to wipe these people's tears, hold their hands and kiss their boo boos?

This is ridiculous. These people need to effing grow up.

Is anyone asking why Wikileaks is targeting the Democrats?

Are they just kind of off-base with their targets - like the protesters who are swarming the Democratic Convention but gave the Republican Convention a free pass - or is there some darker motive?

I'm tired of hearing "Hillary's the only Democrat who can't beat Trump"

How naive are we to swallow and repeat this crap?

Hillary's numbers have been dragged down PRECISELY because she CAN beat the Republicans. That's why they went after her. That's why they launched the Benghazi "scandal" witchhunt. That's why they raked her over the coals, pushed for an FBI investigation, and hammered the "not honest and trustworthy" drumbeat - that too many Democrats picked up and banged along with them.

This has little to do with Hillary herself. If a different Democrat had been the frontrunner, they would have found a slit in THEIR armour and done exactly the same thing to them, probably to even greater effect since there isn't another Democrat on the scene who is more battle-tested and able to withstand such an onslaught as well as Hillary.

So, myyfellow Dems, PLEASE stop doing the Republicans' work for them - stop repeating this BS mantra that Hillary is inherently weak. She's only as vulnerable as we let her be and if we stand firm and strong WITH HER, she's unstoppable!

Damn, Tim! You tore it up!

We got us a dream team!

If in 2008, Sen. Obama's acceptance speech audience was filled with screaming, snarling black people

yelling for McCain's head as their candidate ran through a litany of what was wrong with America ...

What would the reaction have been?

Reaction to Angry Minority Voters -> Why are they so angry?

Do they have any right to be angry? Is their anger justified? Should they be expressing it this way? Wow, they're sure making a lot of noise. What will make them shut them up? No, that's too much trouble. We'll just ignore them ...

Reaction to Angry White Voters -> What do we need to do to make them feel better?

This speech is a complete disaster for Trump

It's not a convention speech. It's a series of one-liners from his stump speech strung together into an almost incoherent, themeless diatribe. He's talking to the racist, terrified white people he's been talking to for a year and who are already voting for him.

He's screaming at a nation of people who have not decided to vote for him. He's yelling insults at a President with yuuge approval numbers. He's haranguing his crowd to behave like bloodthirsty assholes who scare the rest of the country.

It sounds like Trump battled his advisers and speechwriters and, unfortunately, he won.

My VP Short List

1. Xavier Becerra, U.S. Congressman (CA)
2. Anthony Foxx, Secretary of Transportation
3. Tammy Baldwin U.S. Senator (WI)
4. Deval Patrick, former Massachusetts Governor
5. Elijah Cummings, U.S. Congressman (MD)
6. Sherrod Brown, U.S. Senator (OH)


Donald Trump is now quoting Bernie Sanders...

During a rally with Gingrich just now.

"She has got bad judgment. And you know who said that? Bernie Sanders!"

Nice job, Bernie ...
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