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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
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I'm at a loss to figure out why veteran Senators are groveling to kiss the ring. What say you?

Why do you think they are so willing to throw away everything they've worked for their entire careers and any semblance of self-respect to be Donald Trump's handmaidens?

PLEASE stop assuming that Republicans will "pay a price next year" for the tax bill

First, it is terrible to allow people to suffer so that we can supposedly win elections in the future. Just wrong.

But it's also foolish since voters have very short memories and Republicans rarely pay any price for their wrongdoing. Remember how the 2013 government shutdown was supposed to be such a disaster for the GOP and voters were going to punish them mightily for it? And then, a year later, the Republicans took back the Senate. Two years after that, they took over the White House. Now they control all three branches of government. Some punishment.

It's possible that voters will seek revenge on the party, but it is also very likely that so much will happen between now and next November, that this vote on the tax bill will be a distant memory that has little to no effect on the 2018 elections. And what have we gotten for it? Infliction of significant pain on people who can't bear it without any electoral advantage.

No. We can't take that approach. It's wrong and it's short-sighted.

Am I the only one sick of pundits claiming "women and blacks made the difference in Alabama?"

It was not generic (often read as "white" ) women who made the difference. It was black voters, particularly black women, who elected Doug Jones and defeated Roy Moore. 97% of black women and 92% of black men voted for Doug Jones. On the other hand, nearly 2/3 of Alabama white women voted for Moore. The only difference white women made was to make the race closer than it needed to be; and if they'd had their way, a racist pedophile would be the next junior senator from Alabama.

I'm really tired of all of the bending over backwards to excuse the inexcusable behavior of a huge swath of white women in America, who continually vote against their interests, line up against minorities and use their political and social power to support racist, misogynist jerks, while the foresight, commitment and awesomeness of black women who time and again show what real patriotism means are ignored or attributed to white women who need to be called out instead of praised.

Yes, I said it.

It's foolish to call for Trump's resignation over pre-presidency sexual assault charges

I hate to say this and I hope it's the only time I ever do, but Sanders is right - the voters knew about this and he was elected anyway. I think it's a waste of time to relitigate that issue - at least as a demand that he step down. It ain't gonna happen and we're using up a lot of energy pushing that issue.

We should be focusing on his crimes that helped get him elected and that he and his cronies sand family are continuing to perpetrate now that he's in office. There is plenty there - the man is committing treason and damaging the country on a daily and escalating basis.

Not saying we shouldn't talk about his history of sexual assaults - we should continue to talk about them as part of the context for how completely unfit he is for office. But they should not be the sole or even primary basis of our demands that he resign or be removed from office.

How does any thinking person believe Gillibrand could beat Trump if a Hillary couldnt?


When I clicked on the Time Person of the Year cover page, I thought, "Oh, no. White women. Really?!"

Then, as the page loaded from top to bottom, Adama Iwu's beautiful face appeared.

And, for a moment, all felt right with the world.

Thank you, Time Magazine, for getting this one right!

Cornel West comes for Ta-Nehisi Coates - and gets owned


How embarrassing for him ...

I can't wait to watch Lyin' Sarah try to spin this

Must See TV.

I don't know about the rest of y'all, but every black person I know is thrilled about Meghan & Harry


What in the hell was Donna Brazile thinking?

Is this score settling, book shilling, or truthtelling?
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