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It doesn't matter if they win by one point or 20 points

If they're winning, they're winning. And our taunting and gloating that "ha ha, they won with a much narrower margin than they won last time" is just silly.

We need to stop making excuses for losing elections and start putting some wins on the board or nothing else will matter.

When Obama was POTUS, media obsessed over his opposition. Now they obsess over Trump's supporters.

And they're the same people.

Enough with these "forgotten" voters already. Please give us a chance to actually forget them for a few minutes.

"Why are people still losing their minds over Hillary?"


"What is different about Hillary Clinton is the rampant misogyny still being directed at her, even now; the palpable disgust at her re-emergence; the demand that she get out of the way; the call for her to accept total responsibility for her loss without even acknowledging outside factors like the Russian disinformation campaign, the Comey letter, or GOP voter ID laws that cost her Wisconsin.
"Gore, who managed to lose (okay, sort of lose) an election despite being the sitting vice president in an administration with 65 percent approval, blamed a hostile media, the Supreme Court's absurd one-off decision to halt the proceedings in Florida, and the butterfly ballots ... This is the man whose campaign mistakes inflicted eight years of calamitous misrule on the country. If he ever apologized, I must have missed it ... Kerry never accepted one iota of responsibility for becoming the second consecutive Democrat to lose an election to George W. Bush. ... He blamed his campaign manager, Bob Shrum. He blamed the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, that pack of lying opportunists who slimed Kerry's war record ... What he did not do was cop to any of his own mistakes. He went back to the Senate, where no one demanded that he give up his seat for a younger politician ... In October 2009, just one year after his crushing loss to Obama, McCain was regarded favorably by 54 percent of respondents, remained a press darling, and never disavowed his choice to make the wilderness wastrel Sarah Palin his running mate, a decision that by one estimate cost him 2 million votes ...

"In an interview days after the election, McCain blamed the national political climate and stood by Palin. He failed to list a single mistake his campaign had made. He said he 'slept like a baby.' Today he remains a curmudgeonly favorite despite not lifting a finger to hold President Trump accountable ... In a Washington Post interview four months after the 2012 election, Romney blamed (you guessed it!) the media, and, incomprehensibly, the black and Hispanic voters who went overwhelmingly for Obama ... Yet when he re-emerged last year during the 2016 campaign, Romney was greeted with relief and hosannas by GOP elites for criticizing Trump. After Trump won, the entire country was hanging on every detail of Romney's sad little candlelight dinner with Trump, hoping against hope that he would be appointed secretary of state.
"In contrast to many past losers, she told CNN's Christiane Amanpour, 'I take absolute personal responsibility. I was the candidate, I was the person who was on the ballot.' Her boiling anger at the press and at various out-of-nowhere campaign developments doesn't make her worse than Gore, Kerry, Romney, and McCain it makes her one of them.

"And that really only leaves one thing that is just so very different about Hillary Clinton. Let's see if you can guess what it is."
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