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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
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John Pavlovitz: "Dear Sarah ... maybe your Jesus and my Jesus are just that different"

I watch you every week as you repeatedly distort the truth,
as you attack journalists who come carrying facts.
as you vilify politicians who oppose your employer’s malfeasance,
as you categorically defend his every vile statement, every personal attack, every nonsensical Tweet, every baseless firing, every legislative assault.

I watch your face contort with the unmistakable tells of a person who doesn’t believe a word they’re saying; one who’s sold their soul and is now hopelessly trapped in a lie about a lie about a lie.

I wonder what Jesus-story you tell yourself, about the fact that every week you stand in front of a microphone and willingly perpetuate falsehoods that do great harm to millions of people?

That has to be rough—or maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s a breeze for you now. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself it’s somehow all the Lord’s work. Maybe you’ve been on this slippery slope of deception for so long that you actually believe the lies now too.

Or maybe your Jesus and my Jesus are just that different.


WHCA President Margaret Talev gets completely ratio'd


Given how badly she's getting slammed in the comment section, I wonder if she regrets putting out this bone-headed statement.

A few examples:

Newsome: White women journalists' defense of Sanders reveals "white womanhood social construct"

Sanders is the WH press secretary who lies to the press on a near daily basis. That's a fact. White womren journalists rushing to defend her as a "wife and mother" b/c Wolf called her on her lies is *peak* white womanhood. 1/

The fact Sanders can lie day in & out and then claim victimhood when called on it (& be supported by many in claiming victimhood) is a perfect example of how the social construct of "white womanhood" operates as a type of violence 2/

Monday thru Friday Sanders is the press secretary telling lie after lie. Saturday, she's called out on it and now she's a "wife and mother" whose honor as a white woman must be defended. The selective outrage from D.C. press is very telling. 3/3

Black Folk Outrage vs. White Folk Outrage


Black folk outrage

Flint not having water
Unarmed blacks killed by cops
Cops called on black patrons at Starbucks, golf course, & Waffle House
Black woman goes into Cardiac arrest plane wouldn’t land

White folk outrage:

A joke made about Sarah Huckabee Sanders eye makeup

"Being a Progressive is a practice, like yoga,"

Guest on AM Joy.


"When you see a dog and a cat eating from the same dish, they're probably eating the cat's food"

(According to my very wise Daddy)

That's how "bipartisanship" works these days in Congress.

Senate Confirms C.I.A. Chief Mike Pompeo to Be Secretary of State

His confirmation seemed all but assured after Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, a Democrat who is running for re-election in a state that Mr. Trump won by a wide margin, said last week that she would support him.

Four other Democrats who are also running for re-election in states won by Mr. Trump — Senators Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Bill Nelson of Florida — also voted to confirm Mr. Pompeo.


Why Joy Reid deserves - and why I am giving her - the benefit of the doubt

1. She has no history of lying.

2. She has owned up to her comments in the past.

2. She didn't just deny making these comments or just deny them and claim she was hacked. SHE BROUGHT IN THE FBI. She's not stupid and surely knows that making a false report to the FBI is a serious federal crime that could land her in jail for years.

The FBI's not stupid either. If she were lying and she wasn't really hacked, it would take them about 45 minutes to figure that out. It's unlikely they'd still be investigating it.

3. Joy is a badass.

4. Joy scares some white people to death.

5. The people and entities pushing this. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

6. Al Franken. And that's all I'm gonna say about that too.

7. She's earned it.

None of this is to say that these accusations couldn't possibly be true. But right now, all of the evidence I've seen points to a targeted but empty smear job against a powerful and influential African-American woman. And unless and until I see something more solid than I see right now, I'm giving Joy my full benefit of the doubt.

EDITED TO ADD #8. No one - her readers, her editors, other than commentators, etc. - seems to have any recollection of Joy ever writing such things nor did any of them respond to or comment on any of these alleged comments in real time. Wouldn't someone have said something at the time she supposedly wrote them? Or when MSNBC gave her a platform, wouldn't someone then pointed these out and objected?

Anyone who does not believe POC are THE most patriotic people in the country, if not the world

should consider that, despite the crap we put up with constantly - and have had to deal with for centuries and still endure to this very minute every ... single ... day - we have not turned on our country or our fellow Americans and we continue to love, support, defend, fight for and protect this nation and it’s inhabitants and institutions that still, all-too-often, treat us like we just don’t belong.

That’s love, baby.

So, I don’t want to hear another word about our “patriotism” - unless it’s to thank us for being so awesome about it.

Our president ignores an American hero: Trump’s silence on the Waffle House murders is deafening
James Shaw Jr. disarmed a mass shooter single-handed. Everything about that is a problem for Donald Trump


APRIL 24, 2018

During the early morning hours last Sunday, a 29-year-old white man named Travis Reinking allegedly used an AR-15 rifle to kill four people and injure two others at a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville. Reinking is reportedly a member of the Sovereign Citizens, a right-wing extremist movement that is heavily influenced by white supremacist political ideology. It is likely not a coincidence that all of Reinking's victims were nonwhite.

A 29-year-old black man named James Shaw Jr. disarmed Reinking by grabbing the barrel of his AR-15. Shaw is the true definition of a hero. He acted selflessly, without training or compensation, and at great personal risk.
During those few minutes last Sunday morning in a Waffle House, a mini-drama of American life in the age of Trump took place. A young black man protected the public from a white man hell-bent on committing mass murder. In America, black men are all too often subjected to harassment, state-sponsored violence and racial profiling. By comparison, white men -- even when they are mass murderers or domestic terrorists -- are described by default as "nice" and "normal" people who are "lone wolves" or suffer from mental illness. Their crimes come as a surprise and not indicative of a broader "cultural problem" among the "white community."

The patrons at the Nashville Waffle House were lucky that James Shaw Jr. was not arrested and kicked out for trespassing like the two black men in a Philadelphia Starbucks store last week. If the manager in Nashville had a case of "negrophobia" like his peer in Philadelphia, more people might have died. On the same day that Shaw saved lives in a Nashville, a black woman was arrested, stripped almost naked, and brutalized by police at a different Waffle House, a few hundred miles away in Alabama. Her crime? She complained to the manager about why her party had been charged for plastic utensils, when on a previous visit they had not been.

America's police routinely claim that they were in fear for their lives and "had no choice" after they kill unarmed or otherwise vulnerable black and brown people. James Shaw Jr., who had neither weapons nor police training, disarmed a killer with his bare hands.

And once again a white man who commits mass murder is captured alive, while black and brown people who are unarmed, talking on telephones, sitting in their cars, sleeping or generally minding their own business are killed by America's police nearly as a matter of routine. Reinking, who is accused of four murders, was even offered bond by a judge -- although in the face of public outrage this has since been revoked. Do you believe that a black or brown person credibly accused of mass murder would be given the opportunity to go free while awaiting trial?


Macron finally finds an American leader worthy of his attention and affection


Just yesterday, I read an OP asking why we didn't have progressive media to counter Fox/Limbaugh

and today, I watch DUers and other Democrats hyperventillatingly joining in to the right wing attacks on Joy Reid

And I wonder why anyone wonders why ...

People, what's happening to Joy is Exhibit A of why we don't have a viable progressive media.
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