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Member since: Fri Feb 2, 2007, 11:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,249

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Portrait of a Badass who ate the president's lunch - and then walked away like a boss

Schumer goaded Trump into taking all the blame, in advance, for shutting down the government

Nicely played, Chuck.

No prosecutor worth his/her salt would ever say

"I'm going to go ahead and take this case to the grand jury right now and try to get an indictment even though the police haven't finished their investigation and there's no chance in hell a trial jury will convict based on the evidence I have so far but it's important to send a message."

House Leadership = Prosecutor
House = Grand Jury
Mueller/House Committees = Police
Senate = Trial Jury

Why is it an awesome idea for Biden to run, but Hillary not only shouldn't run, but must go away?



Sweet moment between the Clintons


What they were REALLY thinking


Flynn Memo equals Al Capone's vault

I'm sure it's full of good stuff - and if we ever see a non-redacted version, we'll know what it is.

How much sedation will 45 need to sit through President Bush's funeral tomorrow?

Has he ever sat still for two hours while people talked about someone other than him?

Seriously, I really don't think he's capable of remaining quiet and still for the entire funeral unless he's given some pretty heavy meds. But then would he be able to remain awake?

Joy Reid: Representing while looking like a goddess

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