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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
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In case anyone is suspicious of Jussie Smollett's story of his attack

Days Before Brutal Attack

"Empire" star Jussie Smollett didn't want to be encumbered by an entourage of bodyguards when he wasn't working ... despite an offer by Fox a week before the brutal attack.

Sources close to the situation tell us ... security for the "Empire" cast was increased last week after Fox Studios, in Chicago, received that threatening, homophobic letter addressed to Smollett.

We're told Fox made the call to beef up security for everyone on set and wanted to give Jussie additional protection around the clock ... but, he declined. Our sources say he made the decision to not have extra security during off-hours because it was an intrusive way of living.


POSSIBLE hate crime? Please.

When a gay black man is beaten, doused with bleach, called "f@gg0t" and "n!gg3r" and has a noose put around his neck, that's not a "possible" anything. It is a HATE CRIME. The only way "possible" should be used in a sentence here is to describe this as a "possible attempted lynching."

Even more galling and painful is that this occurred on the same day that a rich, entitled, privileged, racist white criminal out of jail on bail, flew first class to DC for a court appearance and parked at the Trump International Hotel when he's not doing interviews and press conferences, whined that his being indicted is a "lynching."


A former Celebrity Apprentice contestant explains global warming to Trump in terms he can understand

So wrong, yet so right at the same time ...

Selecting Stacey Abrams to give the response was a brilliant move by Pelosi and Schumer

It allows them to show off the diverse young energy in the party, without getting caught in a trap of appearing to play favorites among the Congressional newcomers.

Not to mention it's hard to find starker contrast to Trump than a fierce, elegant young black woman.

The only thing keeping me from dying of happiness over this right now is if I drop dead, I'll miss Stacey's speech.

I am so damned sick and tired of rich privileged white people whining about being "lynched"

A wealthy white man charged with a "process" crime, out on bail, who leaves his luxury Florida residence to fly first class to Washington DC where he gives press conferences and interviews while staying at the Trump International Hotel isn't anything close to being lynched.

Did Bernie, Biden and Beto wait too long to get in?

Did they get caught sleeping while Kamala, Elizabeth, and Kirsten got up early and got to gittin'?

I don't have a candidate yet - I like many of them - But Kamala brings me joy

"White House Doctors Unsure When Pelosi's Foot Can Be Removed from Trump's Rectum"

White House Doctors Unsure When Pelosi’s Foot Can Be Removed from Trump’s Rectum

At the time of publication, White House medical staff is still not sure if — or when — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s foot can, or will, be extracted from the rectum of the President of the United States of America.

“We knew that Madam Speaker was the rightful owner of his testicle now, when the president went out to the Rose Garden and announced that he had been forced to re-open the government after almost five weeks and without any funding for his wall,” Dr. Brooke James told reporters this morning. “We didn’t realize until we were in what we call his Mushroom Zone that Speaker Pelosi had also gotten her foot up his rectum, and it’s one of the worst cases we’ve ever seen.”

Dr. James says that while she doesn’t expect the injuries sustained by President Trump to be permanent or life threatening, having Pelosi’s foot “wedged up inside his corn hole” will present difficulties in other areas of his life. “How will his boss ram the rubles up there now,” James asked rhetorically. “We’re really not sure. Frankly, with as far as Putin is up his ass, we’re surprised that there was any room for Nancy’s foot.”


Another reason I think Bernie will have a tough row to hoe if he runs

Bernie Sanders faces lots of obstacles if he runs in the 2020 primaries. But I think the most serious is that he doesn't appear to have built up any additional support since his last race, a race he lost.

Although this poll I took last night is non-scientific, it does reflect what I think to be the case: while many people who supported Bernie in 2016 won't support him this time around, few, if any, voters who DIDN'T support him in 2016 will vote for him this time. In other words, his support has drained.

So, if Bernie couldn't get enough votes in 2016 to secure the nomination (he didn't even come close), many of those voters have walked away from him, and new voters haven't made up the slack, why would he think he can win the nomination?

If there's no path to victory, what's his end game?

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