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One reason black folk be staying mad all the time ...


Charles Blow: Joe Biden Is Problematic

Joe Biden Is Problematic
No amount of growth or good intentions will change this fact.

All five of these things are simultaneously true:

Joe Biden is the Democratic front-runner and may well be the nominee. He is by far the favorite candidate among black voters. He was a loyal vice president to Barack Obama, and the two men seem to have shared a deep and true friendship. He, like the other Democratic candidates, would be a vast improvement over Donald Trump.

And, Bidenís positioning on racial issues has been problematic.
Biden could have taken responsibility for his comments and addressed the question directly, but he didnít. Instead, he gave a rambling, nonsensical answer that included a reference to a record player. But, the response ended in yet another racial offense in which he seemed to suggest that black people lack the natural capacity to be good parents
His language belies a particular mind-set, one of a liberal of a particular vintage. On the issue of race, it is paternalistic and it pities, it sees deficiency in much the same way that the conservative does, but it responds as savior rather than with savagery. Better the former than the latter, surely, but the sensibility underlying the two positions is shockingly similar. It underscores that liberalism does not perfectly align with racial egalitarianism, regardless of rhetoric to the contrary.
Furthermore, itís not what Biden says in prepared remarks thatís problematic, itís what he says off the cuff and under pressure that to me reveal an antiquated view on racial matters and racial sensitivities.


Trump goes after Joy Reid this morning and DU promptly joins in with multiple threads trashing her

throughout the day for not being nice enough to one particular presidential candidate - and telling us why her opinion doesnít matter.

Coincidence? I think not.

Patterns and themes ...
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