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Who will play Mueller in the movie? Who could possibly be a believable Trump?

There will be a movie about Russiagate at some point in the not too distant future. Who would be good to play Mueller?

My vote goes to (drum roll)...George Clooney. I think he'd be great in it.

An actor to play Trump stumps me. Tall, overweight, old, the hair, loudmouth, vulgar, molesting women, a liar, a braggard, mental issues. Jeff Bridges, maybe...but he's too likable, I think.

Exodus (Syrian Refugees)- PBS. Trump should be forced to watch this.


If it were up to me, Trump would be strapped to a chair, with eyes clipped open (like the protagonist in A Clockwork Orange), and forced to watch a documentary I saw last night on PBS.

It follows several refugees and refugee families on their trek from Syria, as they flee for their lives and seek a place....any place...to stay. With all their belongings on their backs, with little ones in tow or in arms, they walk, and walk, and walk...until they find a refugee camp or a country who will let them in. One family walked through eight countries. Another walked through 11 countries.

This documentary just ripped my heart out. The largest refugee crisis in the history of the world, and the world isn't able to handle it very well. Young men who have lost their livelihood...looking for food or any way to make a dollar. They had been laborers, electricians, plumbers. Mothers trying to stifle tears as they try to give their children a semblance of normality, not to let them know how bad things are, as they find trash to pretty up their shacks to make them seem like homes, and make meals out of nothing much.

I highly recommend this documentary. It's up close and personal, following several refugees as they deal with life after ISIS in Syria. It's heartbreaking. Especially so when they come up against protests by far-righters protesting against the refugees. One young man is reduced to tears, saying "I'm a human being like they are."

Some of them even have visas for the U.S., but haven't been allowed to come here yet. It broke my heart. Now, I know it's not entirely object. For instance, it doesn't show the terrorist acts that have been done by some refugees, which is partly behind the protests against allowing more in to their countries. In fact, that's not even mentioned. It should be, since it is a factor to some degree. Even so, the documentary puts a face on the refugees, and you can see just how normal they are. Like you and me.

CNN: How Democrats lost the shutdown

Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

Updated 8:21 PM ET, Mon January 22, 2018

The history of government shutdowns -- and the polling on this shutdown in particular -- suggested that Democrats were poised to benefit politically from the shuttering of the federal bureaucracy.

And then, suddenly on Monday afternoon, Democrats gave in, with all but 16 of their 48 members voting to reopen the government with a three-week continuing resolution and a vague promise from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that they would get a fair hearing in their efforts to extend the DACA immigration program.

Why? Good question! And one that many liberals within the party -- up to and including the half-dozen or so Democrats in the Senate planning runs for president in 2020 -- are asking in the wake of the Democrats' capitulation.


The analysis goes on to say that he thinks the answer is that red-state Democrats up for re-election in 2018 panicked. There are 10 Dems running in states where Trump won (North Dakota, West Virginia, Indiana, Missouri). He says that those Dems put pressure on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to get the best deal he could, reopen the government and declare victory. (Article says that Schumer was losing support among that group of vulnerable Dems.)

The article says that a three-week CR with no guarantee of a clean DACA vote -- "belies that claim of a Democratic win."

So could this end up being a deal for DACA? Maybe. But, like the article says, "....even if Schumer gets his promise out of McConnell for a DACA vote and even if it passes the Senate, the Republican-controlled House and White House await. And it's hard to see a Senate deal surviving those two gauntlets."

Kamala Harris and Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond both made statements against the deal.

My community is blaming the Dems for the shutdown...quick...what can I say?

They are totally spewing the Republican meme, that it's the Democrats' fault.

I responded that

Trump spends more time tweeting than doing one of those marvelous deals he'd promised;
That there had been an agreement on the Dreamers, but the Republicans reneged;
That the Repubs are in total control of the government...THEY are doing a shutdown; the Dems don't have the power to shut it down.
The buck stops at the top, as Trump said in 2013.

True? What about "it's the fault of the 9 Democrats who won't vote with the Republicans"?

You MUST see the movie The Post!

I went to see the newly released movie The Post. Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, and a host of actors you'll know when you see 'em.

The subject is so timely that I wonder if it was planned, or is it by chance? Very moving. And to consider how different things might be if the events and decisions in that series of events had gone differently.

This is a must-see. A very interesting look at the issues involved in publishing govt secrets, and when going too far is really too far, and does the govt have a say-so in what is published, or a right to preview and agree to publishing parts?

The plot moves quickly, it doesn't drag, the script is good, the acting is,well, the caliber you'd expect with this gang. It's not quite as exciting as All the President's Men, I think. But it's exciting in a different way.

Very timely, given the "The press is the enemy of the people!" meme from the current President.

You think the Repubs are going to try for a healthcare overhaul again?

I just wonder if the Repubs are going to try to overhaul healthcare again, given that it's an unpopular thing to do (but so was the tax bill, and that didn't stop them).

I'm guessing not, because of the midterms?
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