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Honeycombe8's Journal
Honeycombe8's Journal
November 8, 2017

We did it!!! We pulled a Rocky on 'em!

Actually, "we" didn't do it, since I didn't have anything to do with it other than support. "They" did it...all the workers in those states who got the vote out, manned the polls, passed out flyers, made phone calls.

I did vote today, though. A state district rep...I voted the "right" way, of course. Which was the "left" way. (It was a runoff for State Treasurer.)
November 8, 2017

Voter Suppression Tweets Went Undetected for Three Hours Today (for Virginia)

A Twitter account misleading Democratic voters in Virginia by telling them they could cast their ballot by text message was active for almost three hours on Tuesday morning before Twitter suspended the account.

The account, "MAGA Mike King," was suspended after it tweeted more than a dozen times a graphic purportedly instructing Virginians on how to vote by text and including the logos of the Democratic Party and its gubernatorial candidate, Ralph Northam.

The account doesn't appear to have had much success spreading its message, with less than a handful of interactions on each of the offending tweets, but to some observers that's almost beside the point. Their concern is that the account remained active for almost three hours out of the 13 hours that polls are open in Virginia, despite the fact that Twitter knows these sorts of efforts are a potential problem on its platform, and has claimed success in fighting back against them.


This is something we'll need to watch for future elections, since Twitter isn't doing the job it's supposed to do. I wonder if there was anything on Facebook.

Tim Chambers, the founder of Discourse Intelligence, and co-founder of Dewey Square, a consultancy firm that traditionally works with Democratic causes, reported the account "MAGA Mike King" account to Twitter at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, more than an hour before it was taken down, he told CNN.
"Ideally this would be something that Twitter would be catching very early and that it wouldn't take people like myself to spot and them reacting later," he said.
November 8, 2017

WOMEN propel Northam to win governorship in VIRGINIA


Ralph Northam won in Virginia thanks in large part to women. He leads women by a broad 19 percentage points in Virginia, according to early exit polls.

What it means: That's essentially the same as Hillary Clinton's lead of 17 points among women when she won the state by 6 percentage points last November. It's up from Sen. Mark Warner's lead of 12 points in 2014 and Gov. Terry McAuliffe's lead of 9 points in 2013. Northam's margins are higher than Clinton's among subsets of women, like white college-educated women -- where he doubled her lead, 6 points vs. 12 points.

We women turned out to vote!!!!!
November 8, 2017

CNN: The stage is set for POSSIBLE northern VA districts FLIPPING to Democratic tonight!!!!

Northam's win is a huge boost for Democrats desperate for their first swing state victory during President Donald Trump's tenure in office. It comes amid what looks like a blue wave along the East Coast, with Democrat Phil Murphy also winning the governor's race in New Jersey and a swath of northern Virginia state legislative seats on course to flip into Democratic hands.

November 6, 2017

Former VA Guv Wilder hasn't endorsed Northam (D) in a neck to neck race.

What's up with that? First Donna Brazile's book, now a non-endorsement? This shouldn't be a close race in a state that voted for Hillary and with Trump's record so far. This doesn't look good.

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