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Honeycombe8's Journal
Honeycombe8's Journal
May 1, 2018

Trump: 24 Months of Chaos. It's shaping up.to know who some of the characters in the movie will be.

Although we don't know how it ends yet, things are shaping up. Who the characters will be, who the black hats will be, who the heroes will be.

The bad guys:
Don Jr.
Eric Trump
Paul Ryan
A handful of House reps & Senators
Fox News

The heroes:
1. Mueller & team
2. Rosenstein
3. A few Dem. Senators & House reps (Schiff, Sen Mark Warner, Franken, & others)
4. Repub Sen Burr, chair of Senate Intelligence Committee (not much said about him, but appears to be leading a genuine investigation)
5. FBI Director Comey (the movie won't be about his press conf before the election, but about his actions re Trump...& the memos & testimony)
6. Washington Post
7. NYT
8. To a lesser extent, various tv media: Maddow, CNN, MSNBC
9. Some Repub pundits or journalists who defied the Party, some lost jobs (David Frum, George Will, Bill Crystal, etc.)

White hats, but not quite heroes:
AZ Sen. McCain
AZ Sen. Flake
Sen Bob Corker
Shep Smith of Fox News

Clowns & Bizarros:
Roy Moore
Dr. Bornstein
Ronny Jackson
Carter Page

April 23, 2018

George H W Bush's book socks

Here they are. I finally saw a picture of them. Cool.

A touching tribute to his wife, for her work with literacy.

As a sock lover (I have drawers full of socks!), and a book lover (people ask - Are you a teacher or somethin'?), I'm going to look to add book socks to my collection.

April 23, 2018

PLEASE put on your thinking caps!

There are disruptors here, as another post/thread talks about.

You know the indicators, right? Low post count, controversial post, something that sounds oddly like you'd hear from a Trumper or on Fox News, you can see a Trumper or Trump agreeing with it, no real facts (it will say maybe "lots of journalists are saying" or "a lot of people think..." but will not cite to a reputable news source or reputable journalist), or references alternative theories that are used by the rightwingnuts.

Yet people are here responding to them repeatedly.

1. Do not place them on "ignore," or you won't be able to see how their posts evolve.
2. Don't feed them with your responses on substance...respond, asking for cites and facts.
3. Alert, if applicable.

April 21, 2018

Maddow's show is covering that the Dems sued the W.H. for the Watergate burglary....

And how everyone thought it was a political stunt, David Brinkley was smirking on tv about it, etc. The Repubs called it a "scurrilous pack of lies."

Little did they know.

I didn't know the Dems sued the W.H. over that. So....looks like the Dems are repeating that, which had been a success in the past.

Very interesting. Wow....she and her staff are so up on all that's going on and on history. Good show tonight.

April 16, 2018

So...Trump IS, basically, Cohen's only "client."

If what Hannity said is true (and that's a big IF), then all he did was call him a few times and ask his opinion on some things, and he never paid for it.

That leaves only Trump as the client...except for that GOP guy who he handled a payoff of someone for. I suspect that's a stretch, and it was a favor on behalf of Trump.

If Trump is the only real client, then that adds to the fed's case that Cohen isn't really a practicing attorney.

They would look for invoices to Trump, descriptions of "work" performed, lists of expenses. The normal things a lawyer sends to his client. I bet there aren't such normal things.

April 16, 2018

What I want to know is...are the Russians dressing Cohen?

Here's Cohen, showing up for Federal Court on one of the most important days of his life.


Update: Yes, this is from Friday. One of the most important days of his life, going to Court after a search and seizure of home & office by the FBI for criminal related documents.

April 15, 2018

Jan 2017: Here's Michael Cohen & Hannity discussing his role

Here's Michael Cohen & Hannity discussing Cohen's role, after Trump takes office.

Cohen's statements (just a few statements) are at 1:30. Note the ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE comments at about 3:00.

A strange comment for Hannity to make, to bring up atty-client privilege. Seems as if he's acknowledging that that's why Cohen will not be working for the admin. So they can keep him as an attorney-client privileged person. Hannity and Trump are close. I'd bet that Hannity knows exactly the nature of Cohen's "business dealings" for Trump, and that Trump is a criminal and Russian collaborator.
April 14, 2018

Despite some Congress people stating he needed to ask Congress for permission...

Trump orders military strike(s) in Syria?

April 14, 2018

Rosenstein stands out with the few Repubs who did their jobs with integrity...

without regard for their own jobs, knowing that a mob boss was going to hit back.

I hope he doesn't get fired. But if he does, I hope there's a great job waiting for him. A smart lawyer with integrity is hard to come by these days. I think the more moderate Repubs don't hate him. It's just Trumpers. I hope that means that law firms won't consider him a deficit. He did the right things, when it counted.

April 13, 2018

How can Trump possibly handle this pressure? The others in the WH, too? And Mueller?

How are all these people standing up in such a stressful time? Daily attacks, not knowing what or who or what's next. Mueller under constant attacks.

How do they do it? I'd be having a nervous breakdown.

I did notice that Mueller is looking tired. Hard to say w/Trump...he always looks mean, hostile, on the edge, weird.

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