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Honeycombe8's Journal
Honeycombe8's Journal
May 30, 2018

Roseanne also compared Susan Rice to an ape in 2013

Roseanne Barr compared Susan Rice, another black Obama official, to an ape in 2013

You know this wasn't Roseanne Barr first time calling a black woman an ape -- pic.twitter.com/zGLTNE6ZPv

12:34 PM - May 29, 2018
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May 27, 2018

They're heeeeere. The movies about the Trump era.

Well, this started earlier than I thought. First out of the gate is Showtime with The Fourth Estate. A four part series about reporting in the Trump era and Trump's attacks on the press.


It makes sense that the Trump era movies and documentaries will be multiple, since so much has been going on, and everything is so complex, with so many tentacles. There are his attacks on the free press, attacks on the judiciary, attempts to ruin individual Congressmen, his behavior with women (past and present), his attacks on individual citizens, his history-making flip flops (statement one day that he literally states opposite view the next), his lies and detachment from reality, his narcissism, his focus on his election and inauguration numbers, his corruption, etc.

However, something to consider is that while Trump is still in power, doing an unflattering movie or documentary about him could mean he would attempt to ruin the production company, like he has tried to ruin Amazon (illegally). For that reason, I think the movies and documentaries made after he "leaves" office will be more truthful.

May 23, 2018

So my Trumper father says to me...how about those tax cuts, eh?

My Trumper father (no doubt looking for something good out of Trump) says to me, "How was your tax return this year? Pretty good, huh? Mine was...my taxes were so much less! How 'bout yours? Less, huh?"

Me: "No. I had to pay more this year..but I had more income, so..."

Father: "More? Well, those new tax cuts cut everyone's taxes!"

Me: "Well, the new tax cuts don't cut taxes much for the middle or working class. It's for rich people mainly."

Father: "Well, I don't care if other people get more of a cut. As long as I get a cut!"

Me: "Well, the cuts for the non-rich will be phased out over 10 years, while the ones for the rich will grow over 10 years."

Father: (silence)

Me: "But you know, the tax cuts don't take effect until 2018 tax year."

Father: "No...well....no, that's not right."

Me: "Well, yes. The tax cut bill was passed end of 2017 to take effect in 2018, except for an isolated benefit for some big businesses. Otherwise, it has no effect on 2017 taxes."

Father: "Oh."

Me: "We probably shouldn't discuss politics."

Father: "Yeah."

I'm not going to say my father is stupid. He's not. He tries to hide it, but he has a very high IQ. Apparently, being a southern Republican means you're embarrassed about being smart.

But he gets his news ONLY from Fox and other local yokel Republicons. They have no idea what is really going on in the country and with Trump and his corrupt associates.

There is no point in trying to reason with them. Can't be done. We just need to VOTE them out, and spread the word to get non-Republicons to VOTE (and to REGISTER on time, get their VOTER ID, which may mean ordering CERTIFIED COPY OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE asap).

To give a clue as to how SOME elderly people (my father is 85) view things, he doesn't care about the environment, abortions, civil rights, the economy in general except for inflation, coal mining, food stamps (except how they affect his taxes), Medicaid (except how that budget affects his taxes), or much of anything else except what affects HIM. He will be passing away soon, he figures. So there's no point in trying to get such people to see what's right, wrong, or corrupt. They only care about themselves. When I mentioned once to him how some voters only care about themselves, he said, "Well, of course." I suppose that's true. Sigh.

Updated to add: Oh, did I mention he's uber religious? One of the Bible thumping far righters we hear of? So he totes that evangelical line, whatever it is at the moment: pro-life, etc. Whatever Fox News says to tote and furthers their main cause: the here and now, money-wise. All else is lip service. How can you be religious and not revere the natural environment...the environment that God created, according to the Bible and even religious leaders?
May 22, 2018

Michael Flynn Jr: You're all goin' down....

On Monday afternoon at 4 p.m., Michael Flynn Jr. tweeted this: "You're all going down. You know who you are. Mark my word...."

Which is, um, intriguing?

Flynn is the son of Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser and now a cooperating witness in special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.


Intriguing, for sure. Pretty sure this isn't about Mueller or the Democrats. There would be no need to be cryptic about obvious enemies. You just can't make this stuff up.

If this is an indication of Flynn being ticked off at the inner circle, this could be good. Is it possible Flynn Sr. thinks he's been made a scapegoat? Michael "Lock her up" Flynn?
May 16, 2018

Why is Ron Reagan not a pundit on tv more?

I've always liked Ron Reagan and think he's well informed and articulate. I wonder why he's not on tv more as a pundit. Any idea why? There are so many pundits, and some that don't seem nearly as sharp as Reagan, that I would think someone would put him under contract.

(I thought of this because I just saw a Ron Reagan commercial on MSNBC for an organization.)

May 15, 2018

"Human Rights Watch slams "silence and inaction" at UN Security Council"

Louis Charbonneau, UN director at Human Rights Watch, just sent the following statement after the US blocked a United Nations Security Council action on Gaza.

“In a now habitual move, the US blocked the Security Council from calling for a UN investigation into the situation in Gaza, sending the message that Israeli security forces’ calculated killings of protesters will come with no cost. The Security Council's silence and inaction will only encourage future Israeli abuses in Gaza and further undermine US credibility by highlighting US double standards as it seeks to mobilize the Council to hold abusers to account in crises like Syria and Myanmar.”


Things just keep getting worse and worse. Did Netanyahu pay Trump Org. so Trump would move the embassy there, and step aside as Netanyahu treated the Palestinians, including children, in such a way. This is horrifying, that Netanyahu would do this, and that America is part of it.

Is there not a right there for peaceful protests? Were the protests violent in any way? Throwing things at Israeli soldiers or anything? What precipitated the violence, I wonder.

This is....words can't describe it. Trump is helping to create a Middle East crisis, now.
May 6, 2018

60 Minutes is covering Big Pharma

As one mayor put it, "Why is health care so expensive? Because the fix is in." He was referring to the astronomical prices of pharmaceuticals. One company even buying a competitor; that drug's price has gone up 100,000% in the last 50 years or so.

This is what I'll be looking for when voting. Someone who is not only willing to do something about drug prices, but has DONE something to show she or he is serious about it.

May 6, 2018

Here we go. Dershowitz, Trump's mouthpiece, on Meet the Press

The one-sided, all lub for Trump, all hate for anything Trump doesn't like, dog for Trump, Dershowitz, is on MTP.

Hyping the "finally" a judge who got it right...the unfettered power of Mueller...blah blah blah.

This is what the Repubs do. They send the dogs out on high media days, like MTP on Sundays.

May 1, 2018

Trump: 24 Months of Chaos. It's shaping up.to know who some of the characters in the movie will be.

Although we don't know how it ends yet, things are shaping up. Who the characters will be, who the black hats will be, who the heroes will be.

The bad guys:
Don Jr.
Eric Trump
Paul Ryan
A handful of House reps & Senators
Fox News

The heroes:
1. Mueller & team
2. Rosenstein
3. A few Dem. Senators & House reps (Schiff, Sen Mark Warner, Franken, & others)
4. Repub Sen Burr, chair of Senate Intelligence Committee (not much said about him, but appears to be leading a genuine investigation)
5. FBI Director Comey (the movie won't be about his press conf before the election, but about his actions re Trump...& the memos & testimony)
6. Washington Post
7. NYT
8. To a lesser extent, various tv media: Maddow, CNN, MSNBC
9. Some Repub pundits or journalists who defied the Party, some lost jobs (David Frum, George Will, Bill Crystal, etc.)

White hats, but not quite heroes:
AZ Sen. McCain
AZ Sen. Flake
Sen Bob Corker
Shep Smith of Fox News

Clowns & Bizarros:
Roy Moore
Dr. Bornstein
Ronny Jackson
Carter Page

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