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Honeycombe8's Journal
Honeycombe8's Journal
September 28, 2018

The takeover is almost complete.

Trumpers have now almost completed the takeover of all three branches of government.

I am depressed. I mean, if proof (and yes, there's proof, IMO) of a sexual assault isn't enough to keep someone from rising to the top, with power over the ones he assaulted...I don't know.

Now starts the PR campaign to shore up the base, curb political damage from confirming Kavanaugh. There will be an FBI Investigation, maybe, because the ABA strongly "suggested" there be one. Then Mark Judge is hitting the talk show circuit to shoot down all allegations (not under oath). Then the Repub Senators will hit the talk show circuit, too, assuring people how credible Ford was, but it comes down to no evidence so can't ruin a man's entire life and career. It's bad enough that his life is all but ruined, as it is. And so on.

I need a break from all this dismal news.

September 28, 2018

O'Donnell said the Committee would vote tomorrow, & only Flake is the question.

Assuming all the Dems (10) vote no, and the other Repubs (10) vote yes...only Flake hasn't made a decision.

If Flake votes yes, I think it goes to the rest of the Senators. If Flake votes w/the Dems, it's up in the air what they will do.

IMO, it's not a good sign that Flake is struggling so hard with this decision. In other words, I take it that he wants to vote no, but the pressure on him from his party is immense. He'll be hated & ostracized. He's leaving the Senate, but may pursue other political office, maybe. He may even be kicked off his committees.

Flake has caved before.

September 27, 2018

Lesson Learned: Perps, prepare your calendars!

Here's a tip we learned from Kavanaugh today!

All you perps out there, start keeping your calendars! If you don't have "raped lady on Clover Street" penciled in on a day 10 years ago, or "burgled the house on 3rd Street" last week, then you didn't do it!!! It's that simple. Who knew!

September 27, 2018

Kavanaugh & Lindsey Graham were "hysterical" today.

Kavanaugh, unlike all other nominees before him, treated the process w/disdain, acted arrogantly that his character should even be questioned, denigrated the Democratic Senators (even stating that the charges were the hack job as payback for the Clintons - bizarre). He did not act like a public servant, or someone who believes in the governmental process. That's a bad sign. In other words, he sounds like Trump! He was hysterical, with his over-anger, then his over-sobbing. He constantly interrupted the questions, would repeatedly try to get away with not answering questions by sliding in a non-answer (making a statement on the topic but not answering the question). He's just smarmey & arrogant. NOT someone who should be on the Supreme Court.

Graham was just "hysterical," like Kavanaugh. Using the word "hysterical" because one of hte Republican senators referred to the female protesters that way recently, and because if Kavanaugh were female, that's what they'd be saying about the nominee now.

I think other posters are right that Graham is auditioning for replacing Sessions as Attorney General.

September 27, 2018

A thing of beauty on a dark day

OPA! Igor Moiseyev Ballet (The best parts are the beginning until the females join them, and then starting at 6:50. Opa! These men are in shape! Amazing.)

September 27, 2018

Kamala Harris has a doppelganger?

Who's who? Kamala Harris or Sunny Hostin?


September 25, 2018

Do you have sex claims to defend, but no female to ask those sensitive questions? Never fear!

Rent-A-Woman is here!

She'll study the facts, dress in a suit with pumps, go to the location (you provide the transportation), and ask your questions to the claimant for you. No worries about a male-dominated, insincere interrogation! Not with Rent-A-Woman on the job. Do YOU need a woman to act on your behalf? Give us a call at 999-GET-GIRL. (Guaranteed to cost no more than minimum wage, plus expenses.)

Do you want the low key ordinary type? Maybe Linda is up your alley.

Or maybe you want to go ethnic or diverse, to give the impression you're 21st century, sensitive, and tolerant? If so, Carla may be the one you need.

Or perhaps you want a Fox News vibe? If so, meet Darla.

Feel free to review our binders full of women to fill your needs. We aim to please! 999-GETGIRL.com or 999-GET-GIRL.

September 25, 2018

Where to move to avoid Climate Change woes


Climate change is fueling heatwaves, hurricanes and floods, gradually making certain places in the US challenging, if not outright miserable, to live in.

Scientists, and some members of the public, are starting to question where in the US will remain comfortable to call home.

The answer, broadly speaking, is north and maybe west. Florida has seen a population boom in recent decades but the southern portion of the state is on course to be submerged by rising seas. The Gulf coast will get supercharged hurricanes, while the south-west and south-east US will be baked by increasingly hostile heat.

The areas the article speaks of are pricey areas, for the most part. Many can't move because of family or work or ill health or other reasons. Looks like some of us will be increasingly suffering from natural disasters and heat, as the years progress.

September 25, 2018

"What happens to the Russia investigation if Rosenstein is ousted?"

With Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein possibly on his way out, a fresh round of uncertainty has been injected into the Russia investigation, and it could take a while for things to settle down.

Rosenstein will meet with President Donald Trump on Thursday amid questions about his fate in the administration after The New York Times reported he secretly suggested recording the President and weighed forcibly removing him from office. But once -- or if -- he leaves the Justice Department, someone else will assume the responsibilities of overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller and his sweeping investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. (snip)

The Justice Department says the next man in line is Solicitor General Noel Francisco, a Trump appointee who was confirmed by the Senate by a 50-47 vote along partisan lines. Francisco is a conservative lawyer who worked in the Bush administration and was also active in the private sector. *** ....Before joining the Trump administration, Francisco was a partner at the law firm Jones Day, which represents the Trump campaign in the Mueller probe. (snip)

Regardless, if Mueller's new boss shows him the door, that doesn't mean the investigation would automatically end. Many of the dozen or so lawyers working for Mueller would still be DOJ employees and the cases they're working on — especially the ones open before federal judges -- would not disappear overnight.


What a nightmare. This whole presidency has been a nightmare from Day One.
September 24, 2018

There's a movement to wear black today & walk out at 1p.m.

There's a movement today to wear black & walk out at 1 pm to show support for Dr. Ford and others.



I'm retired, but I'm wearing black today.

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