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Mr. Ected

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Member since: Tue Feb 13, 2007, 02:35 PM
Number of posts: 9,635

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Do you remember a favorite cereal that they no longer produce?

Do you think they would taste the same to you now as they did then?

I miss Puffa Puffa Rice something fierce. It's been over 45 years, but I still think I remember the flavor and crackle like it was yesterday.


Then there's Buc Wheats. This was my father's favorite cereal at the time. Why this is no longer a thing is a mystery to me.

And this one was absolutely craven. I'd pay good money to bring this cereal back for one month.

If you could resurrect one favorite cereal from your past, which would it be?

Since this is the GOP norm for candidate character

Seems it's YOUR party, Lindsey, that needs to be taught.

What kind of chicanery will we be facing in November?

We know the Republican Party, in cahoots with Vlad Putin, attacked our 2016 elections from multiple fronts.

We know nothing has been done in the meantime to even attempt to stem future attacks. In fact, the Russians here and abroad may have even upped their game. Their techniques may be more sophisticated and perhaps less obvious.

If the new polls are to be believed, the Dems are opening quite a margin against the GOP across the board. We are all cautiously optimistic. We expected that type of result two years ago, though. The micro-targeting of voters in vital areas of 3 swing states, in conjunction with Comey's disastrous announcement and media complicity, were only part of the reason the expected results did not come to fruition.

With voting day a little over 54 days away, what should we be looking for? What new tricks do you expect the national crime syndicate a/k/a the Republican party will unleash on us? I'm a firm believer in GOTV, and have been rallying whomever I can to do the same. But at the same time, in parallel, what can we do, what can we warn others of, in order to mitigate the damage that we know will be coming?

Trump's entire Russia strategy seems to be to chum the waters. Will it be effective?

What happens when the rule of law runs head-on into a population that's been brainwashed to believe that the justice system is infested by partisans that want to pull the rug out from under them?

What will this look like when it finally materializes?

Does law and order stand a chance?

Regardless of all the evidence that's been presented to us - representing less than the tip of the iceberg, no doubt - I know that each and every one of you has had this thought cross your mind.

A showdown is inevitable. Are politics more powerful than criminal justice?

We're witnessing an epic war between due process and unchecked corruption

A war in which time is of the essence.

Sure, the wheels of justice grind slowly, but surely and exceedingly fine.

That offers no comfort, though, when it feels like this Russia thing is a foot race, and the bad guys have the inside track and a constitutionally-protected array of weapons at their immediate disposal.

Meanwhile, due process quietly and invisibly toils away, and it's a sobering thought that those wheels can't spin any faster.

Mr. Mueller, you may well be the only check or balance left to protect us in the coming months. Godspeed to you sir.

Just read in my local (red state, small town) rag that AR15 sales are brisk at the local gunpeddlers

Glad I pulled my kids out of their schools.

Note to self: avoid going to public places as much as possible.

Can't believe how tone deaf, defiant, truculent and downright mean these people are in the wake of dozens of mass shootings and needless gun deaths.

No wonder they don't believe in evolution. They never evolved.

You arm a teacher. You train the teacher. A gunman enters the school building.

You put down your lesson plan. You get your gun. You stalk the gunman. You effortlessly morph from teacher to police officer/marksman. What could happen next?

1. You shoot the gunman. You kill him. You now live with this memory for the rest of your life, but you're hailed as a hero.

2. You shoot at the gunman but miss. Your errant bullet takes down a student. You live with the guilt for the rest of your life.

3. You shoot the gunman and miss. He continues to mow down students. You live with the guilt for the rest of your life.

4. You shoot the gunman and miss. The gunman turns and shoots you. Welcome to America. You died a hero.

We want our teachers to parent our children when they're at school. We expect for them to impart knowledge and skill training regardless of whether the student wants it or the parents support it. We want them to discipline our children in lieu of doing it ourselves. And now we want for them to become a security force and protector of the kids as well?

I wouldn't sign up for that, not in a hundred years, and certainly not for the pittance you're offering me as compensation.

Now would be a great time for Mueller to unseal his indictments against Carter Page

We all know that "the memo" is about to be released, with all its concomitant feigned indignation over inequities in the DOJ and the FBI. At the center of this so-called controversy is Rod Rosenstein's signing off on a renewal of a FISA warrant against Carter Page. The argument will be that Carter Page, as a member of Troup Trump, was unfairly singled out and therefore there is a left wing conspiracy afoot at DOJ and FBI.

On the other hand, if Bob Mueller was able to publicly unseal his indictment(s) against Page TODAY, so that the world can see exactly what he has been charged with, it would have the effect of blunting the impact of the release of "the memo".

Yes, I'm assuming that there are sealed indictments against Page, but based on what has been reported, it seems very likely that this could be the case. The FBI has literally been following this guy around for years.

At this point, it truly feels that we are on the precipice. Help us, Robert M. You're our only hope.

Just had a right-winger, a banker, in my office this morning

Helped him settle a second mortgage for a client. Mind you, I live in rural Georgia, and may be the only liberal within a hundred miles of this place.

After the closing, he told me that his bank, a small local entity, was planning on marketing the hell out of equity lines of credit and second mortgages in 2018.

I asked him if anyone had gotten the message, that the new tax law expressly eliminates the interest deductibility on new and existing home equity loans. He looked at me incredulously, and admitted he hadn't heard that bit of news.

He offered that, perhaps, maybe, there would be some sort of offset hard-wired into the bill that would balance the scales in this regard. I told him, "nope".

He said that the bank had dropped a mint into its upcoming campaign, and that he would be conversing with the Board as soon as he got back to the office.

The bad news is beginning to trickle down to the idiots that vote GOP. We will all suffer, for sure, but the suffering of those who felt so much faux pain over the past several years and elected a bunch of fascists as their saviors is particularly delicious.

Would audiotape of Trump, et al. agreeing to quid pro quo be enough?

Most of our speculation about whether or not Mueller can cobble together a case against the Trump cabal is based on witness testimony, intercepted emails, and other compelling circumstantial evidence.

But would the existence of audiotapes between our perps and the Russians be enough to sway the public? Would it be enough to rattle the Republican Congress and force them to impeach? One has to believe that such audio exists. We've been told for a long time that foreign intelligence agencies intercepted communications that compelled them to report nefarious activity to the FBI and the CIA. Malcolm Nance has spoken on the subject.

Of course the validity of the audiotapes would be challenged - it's the spin of choice for the GOP these days - but it seems that actually hearing Kushner, Jr., Pence, Turtle and Ryan, and Donnie 2 Scoops himself captured on tape committing a crime might be the tipping point to sway public opinion.

And if Trump tries to shut down Mueller...I could easily imagine intelligence agencies, domestic and foreign, allowing these tapes to trickle out to the media, another potential backstop to Republican obstruction.

In any case, I'd love to hear ONE audiotape leak that would act as a counterpunch to the current GOP maligning of the Special Counsel Mueller.
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