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Mr. Ected

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Member since: Tue Feb 13, 2007, 02:35 PM
Number of posts: 9,635

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If Trump AND Pence AND Ryan AND McConnell are implicated in Putingate

And there is demonstrable evidence that votes were manipulated that may have swung the election to tRump...

...is there any chance that the election be overturned, and the rightful President of the United States be sworn in?

Constitutionally, I know there's nothing that would permit it...but this is certainly an extra-Constitutional matter that would require interpretation and extrapolation by the Supreme Court.

I know it's wishful thinking...but I pray for a day that I wake up and Madam President restores honor and integrity to the United States.

We know Trump & Co. are tarnished by their Russian connections

Time will tell to what extent and to what eventual outcome.

But what about the Republicans in Congress? McConnell? Ryan? Chaffetz?

How deep will this go?

And what happens if dozens of Republicans in Congress are implicated? How in the world can this all be rooted out?

So THIS is the media that we go to battle with against Comrade Trump?

The media that continues to get its collective ass handed to itself by the Felon in Chief, only to fawn on him after yet another scripted speech full of lies and distortions?

I'm losing confidence in the so-called "other shoe dropping". It would take a sustained and concerted effort by the media to sort out the labyrinthine circumstances that would prove Trump's complicity in Putingate.

These guys seem more prone to deifying Trump than holding him accountable for throwing an election.

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